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Take an Unvarnished Look at the Homes of Your Fave Local Celebs

Celebs are typically not, despite what their publicists would have us believe, just like us. But these days the rich and famous are just as […]

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Michelle Williams Was Calling Out Mark Wahlberg Last Night, Right?

For those of you who didn’t spend three hours of your Sunday watching the Emmys, there were a lot of odd choices, including anemic commentary from an […]

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The Art of the Celebrity Side Hustle

Our guide to what your favorite local stars are hoping you’ll buy this holiday season.

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Mark Wahlberg Is Having a Rough News Cycle to Start 2018

Going to go out on a limb here and guess Mark Wahlberg wishes 2018 was going a little differently for him. The actor definitely has financial […]

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The Feds Want to Seize the Rights to Mark Wahlberg Comedy Daddy’s Home

Well, this is weird. The federal government is coming after lighthearted Mark Wahlberg movie Daddy’s Home amid a probe into international corruption and money laundering that […]

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There’s a Boston Casting Call for Mark Wahlberg’s Latest Movie

Always dreamed of acting in a major Hollywood movie? Your moment may finally have arrived, courtesy of Mark Wahlberg. On March 4, Slate Casting will […]


Wahlbergs Face Lawsuit from Former Wahlburgers Business Partners

For the Wahlbergs, it’s all in the family—literally. The Massachusetts brothers are being sued by family friends and former business partners who claim they were left out of […]

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Donald Trump and Mark Wahlberg Missed the Patriots’ Super Bowl Comeback

Odds are, you’ll always remember where you were when Tom Brady marched down the field in overtime to earn his fifth ring in Super Bowl LI. […]

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Mark Wahlberg Can’t Stop Listening to Adele

If you’re wondering what artists make it onto Mark Wahlberg’s go-to airport playlist, it’s more than just Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. The Patriots […]

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Is Mark Wahlberg Working on a Project with Justin Bieber?

From Tom Brady to Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg has plenty of famous friends in his crew. But is Justin Bieber a member of Wahlberg’s entourage […]

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State Rep Rips Patriots Day: ‘No Interest’ to ‘Do the Right Thing’

State Rep. Timothy Whelan blasted Mark Wahlberg’s Boston Marathon bombing movie Patriots Day for failing to recognize Officer Dennis “D.J.” Simmonds, who died a year after the finish […]

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The Making of Patriots Day

Is Boston ready for a movie about the marathon bombings? From the filmmakers and the real-life people at the center of the tragedy, here’s how one of the season’s biggest blockbusters came to be.

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Five Things We Learned from the Patriots Day Press Conference

Less than a day after the film’s star-studded red carpet, a press conference for Mark Wahlberg’s Patriots Day was held at the Intercontinental Boston on […]

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Mark Wahlberg, Elizabeth Warren Attend Patriots Day Premiere in Boston

Some of the biggest names in Boston came out to support the premiere of Patriots Day at the Boch Center Wang Theatre on Wednesday night. […]

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Meet the Real Bostonians of Patriots Day in a New Behind the Scenes Video

CBS Films has released a new behind the scenes video for Mark Wahlberg’s Patriots Day. The featurette takes a closer look at how real Bostonians […]