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Mark Wahlberg

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Gifted Mark Wahlberg Can Say 57 Movie Names Really Fast

The Ted 2 press tour is making its rounds, meaning Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane are ready to wreak havoc on late night television. While on a […]

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Tom Brady: Leader of the #MayPac Rat Pack

Tom Brady was sent from the future in search of Sarah Connor. — (@korkedbats) May 3, 2015 Too-busy Tom Brady is, as of […]

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Tom and Gisele, Mark Wahlberg, Ben Affleck, More at Center of Sony Email Hacks

Just last week, WikiLeaks created a database containing thousands of published Sony emails that were hacked and shared last November. Boston’s own Matt Damon was outed for […]

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Mark Wahlberg to Produce Boston Marathon Bombing Movie

According to recent reports from Variety and The Wrap, Mark Wahlberg is set to produce a movie about the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. He’ll be one of […]


Mark Wahlberg Has a New Apparel Line

With his first fashion team-up since his good ol’ Calvin Klein days, Mark Wahlberg is launching a limited edition apparel line with Americana heritage brand […]

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Deciphering the Wahlberg Family

As Wahlburgers continues to top charts as one of A&E’s most popular shows, some viewers might have some trouble keeping track of who’s who. But […]

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Mark Wahlberg Professed His Undying Love for Tom Brady

In a series of Vines and videos originally posted on Barstool, the Patriots were mic’d up before, during, and after the Super Bowl, and the […]

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The Ted 2 Trailer Is Here and Ready to Offend Moms Everywhere

“‘Happily Ever After’ only exists in fairytales, yet a talking teddy bear is about to marry his girlfriend, proving that Americans don’t give a crap […]

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We Are Sorry to Report that Justin Bieber Is Calvin Klein’s Next Mark Wahlberg

A new year brings a new decisive stretch of Justin Bieber antics. The singer-gone-flexing-torso-exposer revealed on Twitter on Tuesday that he’ll be modeling for Calvin Klein, and—surprise!—he’s flexing […]

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Watch the Entourage Movie Teaser Trailer

Merry early Christmas to you! The first teaser trailer for the long-awaited Entourage movie is here, and it does not disappoint. All your favorite characters are […]

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Mark Wahlberg Unofficially Pardoned by His Victim, Reports the Daily Mail

The Mark Wahlberg pardon request saga continues. The actor is currently requesting to be pardoned in Massachusetts for assaulting two Vietnamese men in Dorchester when […]

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Mark Wahlberg Gets Slapped on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Mark Wahlberg got smacked in the face by Jimmy Fallon Wednesday when he appeared as a guest on Tonight Show to promote his new movie, The Gambler, and played a […]


Who Will Forgive The Daily Beast for Calling Dorchester ‘Southie’?

Will we pardon online publication The Daily Beast for the offense they’ve just handed out to Dorchester? In an article about Mark Wahlberg’s history of racially motivated thuggery, The Daily Beast wrote the […]


The Blackstonian: ‘To Pardon Mark Wahlberg Is to Pardon Racism’

A website that caters to the black community of Boston was quick to point out that actor Mark Wahlberg’s request to be pardoned by Governor Deval […]

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Mark Wahlberg Is Seeking a Pardon for a 1988 Boston Assault Charge

Please excuse Mark Wahlberg, Mr. Governor. The Funky Bunch front man and one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood is requesting a pardon from […]