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City Life

The Blackstonian: ‘To Pardon Mark Wahlberg Is to Pardon Racism’

A website that caters to the black community of Boston was quick to point out that actor Mark Wahlberg’s request to be pardoned by Governor Deval […]

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Mark Wahlberg Is Seeking a Pardon for a 1988 Boston Assault Charge

Please excuse Mark Wahlberg, Mr. Governor. The Funky Bunch front man and one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood is requesting a pardon from […]


Mark Wahlberg Is Shaving His Head for Charity

Mark Wahlberg, 43, is one lucky man. Yes, he’s a Hollywood A-lister whose career has spanned across multiple genres: music, modeling, and acting. He has […]

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Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell Are Making Another Movie

Die-hard fans of The Other Guys, get ready for more from one of the funniest duos ever. Entertainment Weekly reports that Mark Wahlberg and Will […]

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Mark Wahlberg’s Interview with Bill Simmons on the B.S. Report Is Awesome

If there is any interview out there that fulfills our need to hear a big-time Boston celebrity’s opinions on everything that’s important to this town, […]

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Boston Has a Strong Turnout in People’s Choice Award Nominations

As most of us know, there are only three seasons that really matter around here, and those are winter, summer, and awards. The latter is […]

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Mark Wahlberg Is Wicked Thin in the New Trailer for The Gambler

No, unfortunately The Gambler has nothing to do with Ben Affleck and casinos. In this remake of the 1974 film of the same name, Mark Wahlberg […]

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Nick Jonas Knows You Think He’s Trying to Be Marky Mark

Musician Nick Jonas posed in his underwear for Flaunt magazine in photos released last week, and with all the crotch-grabbing and lip-biting and ab-bearing, it […]

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Watch Mark Wahlberg Not Give Bob Kraft a High Five at the Patriots Game on Sunday

This is just sad. After the Patriots scored a touchdown on Sunday, owner Bob Kraft turned to his special guest Mark Wahlberg for a high five—but […]

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Watch Mark Wahlberg Do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Post by Mark Wahlberg. Mark Wahlberg is the latest local celeb to add to the long list of ALS Ice Bucket Challenge participants. He got […]

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Justin Bieber Might Be Calvin Klein’s Next Marky Mark

Rumor has it, Justin Bieber’s latest antics involve an endorsement deal with Calvin Klein. It’s shocking that the latest Bieber news isn’t another PR nightmare, but […]

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According to Forbes, Ben Affleck and Mark Wahlberg Are Wicked Rich

Nobody was shocked to hear that Ben Affleck and Mark Wahlberg are two of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, as reported by Forbes this week. […]

City Life

John Boehner Doesn’t Like It When Obama Quotes Mark Wahlberg

Speaker of the House John Boehner wasn’t amused when President Obama used a line from “The Departed” to describe his feelings about Boehner’s much-publicized lawsuit against the President. […]

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Here’s Your Chance to Be an Extra In Ted 2

Seth MacFarlane is coming to town to start work on the sequel to the stuffed-animal buddy comedy Ted, and he’s looking for some actors with a […]

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Mark Wahlberg Might Be the New ‘Six Million Dollar Man’

Here’s something we didn’t see coming, but would make perfect sense. The Tracking Board has reported a rumor that Mark Wahlberg might play the lead in a Universal Pictures […]