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Mark Wahlberg, Catfish King

When it comes to Catfishing, Mark Wahlberg is the king. MTV resurrected the show Catfish during Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards pre-show, playing off its revived […]

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Weird Boston Celebrity Endorsements by Mark Wahlberg, Tom Brady, and More

You’d think that the only thing Mark Wahlberg and Sean Combs (also known as R&B singer Puff Daddy, P.Diddy, or the ever-simple Diddy) had in […]

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With Transformers 4 to Shoot in China, Mark Wahlberg Has a Busy Year Ahead

Tell you mom “Sorry,” but Mark Wahlberg can’t come say “Hi” right now—he’s busy promoting and prepping half a dozen action/comedy-packed projects for the big […]

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How Boston Will Represent at the Oscars This Weekend

Photos via Featureflash / If Boston wants to walk away from Academy Awards on Sunday with an Oscar in hand, it’s up to Ben Affleck’s […]

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Was Mark Wahlberg Hammered On BBC's 'The Graham Norton Show'?

Mark Wahlberg was feeling extra lively and spirited last Friday night on BBC's The Graham Norton Show. Marky Mark appeared on Norton alongside comedian Sarah […]

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The Inspiration for Mark Wahlberg’s Pain & Gain

You may have already seen the trailer or TV spot for Mark Wahlberg’s upcoming movie Pain & Gain costarring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The promo […]

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Mark Wahlberg to Screen 'Broken City' in Hingham

Mark Wahlberg in Broken City. (Photo by Barry Wetcher via The Patriot Ledger announced last week that Mark Wahlberg will screen his newest film Broken […]

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Boston for Reals: Reality TV Shows Based in the City

Which Boston-based reality show should you watch this fall? Use this flow chart to find out.


Where Celebs Work Out in Boston

Since 2007, when the Massachusetts legislature upped its tax incentives for Hollywood to film movies over here, Boston has become something of a mini-mecca for […]

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Mark Wahlberg Filming on Mass. Ave.

Earlier this afternoon, my coworker Paul Kix shouted: “Mark Wahlberg is outside our office!” Suffice it to say, the girls sprung out of their chairs […]

The Fight to Make The Fighter

It’s taken a decade, but The Fighter, the much-anticipated biopic of Lowell boxer “Irish” Micky Ward, finally arrives in theaters this month.

Hubbub: Mark Wahlberg

Dorchester Native Mark Wahlberg is having a big summer.