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Massachusetts General Hospital Ranked Fourth Best in the Nation

The release of U.S. News & World Report’s influential best hospital rankings is like Christmas morning here in Boston. And this year, as usual, the list […]


There May Be a Way to Prevent Liver Damage from Alcohol

Liver disease is one of the most serious consequences of alcohol abuse, killing roughly 20,000 Americans in 2014 alone. Someday, Massachusetts General Hospital research may […]


Your Children Could Learn to Control Their Emotions with a Video Game

A clinical trial underway at Massachusetts General Hospital is teaching children how to use video games in a brand new way. The technique, called RAGE-control, helps kids […]


Study: Red Hair Linked to Melanoma, Parkinson’s Disease

Gingers just can’t catch a break. Back in 2012, Massachusetts General Hospital researchers found that redheads’ pigment may be linked to melanoma. Now, the hospital has […]


Acupuncture Actually Works, According to MGH Research

As alternative therapies go, acupuncture is among the most clinically accepted. Nonetheless, there’s still quite a bit about the ancient practice that researchers don’t understand. […]


Vitamin D May Keep You from Getting Sick, Study Says

Orange juice and Emergen-C may not be your only defenses against cold and flu season. A new study from Massachusetts General Hospital says vitamin D […]


Five Ways to Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder

Five ways to treat your seasonal affective disorder.


Stress Could Actually Kill You, Mass General Study Says

Stress may take a toll on your mind, body, and heart, according to a new study from Massachusetts General Hospital and the Icahn School of […]


Mass General Acquires New Hampshire Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital is spreading its talents to New Hampshire. Wentworth-Douglass Hospital (WDH) “joined the Massachusetts General Hospital family” on January 1, according to an announcement […]


A 19th-Century Apothecary Kit

See it at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Diet Coke

Aspartame May Make You Gain Weight, Study Says

If you think sugar-free is a synonym for healthy, think again. A new study from Massachusetts General Hospital says aspartame—one of the most common artificial […]


Your Lifestyle May Offset Your Genes, Study Says

In medicine, the relationship between genes and lifestyle is always in question. How much of our health is decided at birth, and how much is […]


Smoking May Kill HIV Patients Sooner Than the Disease Itself, Study Says

HIV patients who smoke may have more to worry about than their diagnoses. According to a new study from Massachusetts General Hospital, smoking may kill […]


Massachusetts General Hospital and GE Are Hosting an Opioid Hackathon

Hackers this weekend will be tasked with developing new, outside-the-box technologies and solutions for improving opioid abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery. Massachusetts General Hospital and […]

Arts & Entertainment

Photos: Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie Surprise Kids at MGH

Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie proved this week that being a superhero means more than just beating up bad guys. The pair of Marvel movie […]