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Red Hair Pigment Linked to Skin Cancer Risk

In news that surprises no one, redheads are at an increased risk for skin cancer—but not just because of the pale skin that so often […]


Relaxation Techniques Can Change Your Genes

Listen up, anti-yogis. We reported last month on a Northeastern study that says meditating boosts compassion toward others. And if that wasn’t enough to get […]


Waking Up During Surgery Not Uncommon

Waking up during surgery sounds like an irrational fear, but the scary part is it’s not that uncommon. In fact, experts estimate that it happens […]


Discovery Could Help Find Alzheimer’s Cure

In February, we reported on research that says rates of Alzheimer’s disease will triple in the next 40 years. It’s scary stuff, but a new […]


Forget What You Heard: Experts Say Artificial Sweeteners Are Safe

Artificial sweeteners present a conundrum for many people. They cut calories and sugar intake, but attention-grabbing articles come out with some frequency linking them to […]


Trend Watch: Male Plastic Surgery

Male plastic surgery is more popular than ever before. Photo via Shutterstock. With celebrities and reality stars constantly going under the knife, plastic surgery seems almost […]


The Risks of Shoveling Snow

The joys of living in New England. Photo via Shutterstock We’ve only had a few major snow days so far this season, and we weren’t expecting […]


Brain-Boosting Tips From Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra photo via s_bukley/ As each dreary winter day blurs into the next and your holiday season to-do list grows longer and longer, it’s easy […]

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How Music Affects Our Lives and Minds. (And Our Kids.)

Concert crowd photo via Shutterstock A few weeks ago, sitting in the Garden and watching The Who, I was a teenager again. If I had […]


How to Improve Your Brain Health

Brain image via Shutterstock If you think your Words With Friends addiction is helping your brain, you may be wrong. While these kinds of games […]


Mass. General Hospital is No. 1!

View of Mass General Hospital and the Longfellow Bridge by Chris Devers via Flickr After 22 years on the top of the heap, Johns Hopkins […]


Via Stem Cells, Women Could Produce Unlimited Eggs, Claims Mass. General Researcher

Via Stem Cells, Women Could Produce Unlimited Eggs, Claims Mass. General Researcher. Jonathan Tilly of Massachusetts General Hospital recently announced findings in which he shows […]


Medical Breakthroughs: Heart in a Box

In our December issue, we wrote about 14 medical breakthroughs that are changing the way doctors practice medicine — and what patients can expect. There […]


The Body on Exercise

Are elite athletes born or made? At Mass General, a team of cardiologists led by Gregory Lewis, Robert Gerszten, and Clary Clish is trying to […]

Voicebox Hero

Some of the most famous voices in the world — Steven Tyler, Julie Andrews, Dick Vitale — have entrusted their pipes to Steven Zeitels, a relentlessly creative MGH surgeon whose latest breakthrough may make him a savior to countless cancer victims as well.