Spotted on the MBTA: Spider-Man

You ride the MBTA long enough, you’re going to see some characters. And on Wednesday, that character was your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. According to multiple […]

A new Orange Line train headed toward Oak Grove

Take a Look Inside the MBTA’s New Orange Line Train Cars

Sure, you could eat a fancy steak dinner, buy a sparkly new necklace, or spend a posh night at the opera, but nothing really says […]


New Green Line Trains Would Double Capacity, MBTA Officials Say

The MBTA has just released its vision for the future of the Green Line that amounts to a major overhaul of its trains and would, […]


Meet Pup Wilshire, the Mass Transit and Sex Positivity Activist Who Photobombed the MBTA

Over the weekend, an MBTA bus set off for its first official trip along the brand new SL3 line, a game-changing route running from South Station through […]

A rendering of the Comm Ave bridge

Parts of Commonwealth Avenue Will Close for over Two Weeks This Summer

Updated at 11:08 a.m. The BU Bridge and the portion of Comm. Ave. between Packard’s Corner and Kenmore Square will be closed from July 26 at […]

A Silver Line MBTA Bus

Silver Line Resumes Regular Service after Temporary Tunnel Closure

The Silver Line is running on a normal schedule Thursday morning after falling debris resulted in a temporary suspension of regular service on Wednesday afternoon. […]


The Red/Blue MBTA Connection Is Back from the Dead

It’s alive! The plan for a Red/Blue line connection, which was abandoned a few short years ago, is back on the table after the MBTA announced […]

The route 65 bus at Kenmore state

MBTA Bolsters Early Morning Bus Service

The early bird gets the worm, and soon, the bus. Next week, the MBTA will kick off enhanced early morning service on 10 high-demand routes. […]


No One Bid for the MBTA’s Late-Night Bus Pilot

Well, this is not good: The MBTA’s request for bids to run a pilot of a new late-night bus service, which is supposed to launch […]


MBTA Publicizes Delay Times on Twitter

Say farewell to the days of rage tweeting about what the heck qualifies as a “minor delay” on the Red Line. The MBTA took a small […]


It’s Time to Replace the Commuter Rail with an All-Electric “Regional Rail,” Transit Activists Say

Let’s face it. Nobody loves the commuter rail right now. It keeps thousands of people heading into Boston off the road every day, which is good […]

Cars in gridlock

Massachusetts Drivers Don’t Want to Pay Higher Tolls, Admit Infrastructure Is Failing

In an unsurprising non-twist, Massachusetts drivers are not speeding toward the chance to pay higher tolls. Despite the gridlock that paralyzes the Hub’s streets during rush […]


A Halloween Attack on an MBTA Employee Was a Hoax, Officials Say

A spooky Halloween attack on an MBTA trolley operator in 2016—which sparked a search for a suspect dressed up like the horror movie character Michael […]


The Red Line “Basically Exploded” This Morning

It was a smoky and, for some, scary situation on the MBTA Red Line Wednesday morning after a brief derailment at Andrew Station led to smashed windows, severe […]

The green line rolls in

The MBTA Might Consider Fare Hikes to Combat Budget Deficit

The MBTA is once again contemplating the possibility of fare hikes as a way to manage a ballooning budget deficit. On Monday, MBTA officials projected the […]