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Gubernatorial Candidate Jay Gonzalez Braves MBTA during Storm

Though ridership is, unsurprisingly down across Boston’s public transit system on Thursday, according to state Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack, ridership among gubernatorial candidates has seen a […]

A snow plow in Boston

Speed Limit Reduced on Mass. Pike as Bomb Cyclone Arrives

The state Department of Transportation has lowered the speed limit on the entire length of the Massachusetts Turnpike to 40 miles per hour as the […]

The Red Line

Pepper Spray Released at Harvard MBTA Station

Did you get stuck on the Red Line last night? If so, it wasn’t the usual signal problems/disabled train/mysterious MBTA malfunction causing delays. A substance […]

The Green Line rolls into a station

MBTA to Smooth Out Rocky Green Line Intersections

If you’re jonesing for an Indiana Jones-level adventure, the Green Line offers enough options for at least a trilogy of stories. From balancing on a […]

The green line rolls in

MBTA Approves $723 Million On-Board Cashless Payment Plan

You use your phone to adjust the thermostat, to send funny tweets to the one former roommate you don’t hate, and, in theory, to make […]


The MBTA Is 97 Percent On Time, According to the New York Times

The New York Times’ deep dive into the many failures of the New York subway system, which was published this weekend, turned up some shocking data points. […]


An MBTA Commuter Rail Train Derailed on the Haverhill Line

Update: Service resumed on the Haverhill Line in time for the evening commute on Monday, the T’s commuter rail operator Keolis says. “Tracks and switches in the […]


The New Orange Line Trains Are “Shipping Up to Boston”

Wrapped and ready for Shipping Up To Boston, the first 4 new #MBTA #OrangeLine cars arrived today at the Port of #Shanghai @CRRCMACorp — […]


The MBTA Is Making the Green Line Hit More Green Lights

On certain sections of the Green Line, you could be forgiven for humming along to that Lorde song, “Green Light”: “I’m waiting for it: that […]


Derailed: MBTA’s Green Line Extension

After 27 years of false starts, will the Green Line Extension finally get on track?


MBTA Officers to Carry Narcan

The 210 MBTA police patrolmen will soon be carrying Narcan, the opioid overdose antidote. According to the Boston Herald, Transit Police are the latest contingent […]


Direct Ferry Routes Added between Quincy and Boston

If the Red Line’s constant delays, smoke-filled rides, and runaway cars have you feeling a bit, well, frazzled, some newfound hope may be setting sail […]


Task Force Assembled to Examine MBTA Deaths

Eleven people have been killed on MBTA rail tracks since July 1, and the state wants to know why. The agency reported 22 deaths during […]


The Commuter Rail Breaks Down More Often Than Any Other Regional Transit System

The commuter rail is filled with a lot of little engines that couldn’t. A new federal report finds that more commuter rail trains broke down in […]


New Orange Line Trains Went for A Test Run in China

The new Orange Line trains headed for Boston have gone for a test-run in China, and the fresh-looking subway cars seem to be doing just […]