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Top of Mind Malcolm Rogers

Top of Mind: Malcolm Rogers

An extended version of the interview with Malcolm Rogers: curator, fundraiser, rabble-rouser, and director of the Museum of Fine Arts.

Top of Mind: Malcolm Rogers

I DON’T BELIEVE IN LOOKING BACK. AND YOU CAN’T make me. … No trustee ever said to me, “You’ve got to change this, you’ve got […]

Cleaning Up the Art World

One spurious Tintoretto at a time.

City Life

Notes on the Culture

Every Tuesday, Matthew Reed Baker will offer his thoughts on the arts and culture scene. This week: The MFA rakes in a ton of cash; […]


Night Lines: The MFA Summer Party

Every year, a few hundred of Boston’s best (looking) and brightest (looking) young professionals slap down a few hundred to swan—and later, swing dance—through fine […]

Stand and Deliver

We played matchmaker to Boston’s small but handsome pool of available umbrella stands in search of lovely feminine umbrellas. These handsome couples are poised to […]

Romancing the Stone

As wonders go, the Nobleman is a bit on the small side, no bigger than a cantaloupe and without the dizzying bulk of the pyramids […]