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Michelle Wu

The long road ahead: I-93 South at rush hour.
City Life

Boston Has the Worst Traffic in the Country

When you’re sitting in traffic on your morning commute, at least you can comfort yourself knowing that somewhere out there, someone is stuck in an […]

City Life

Airbnb Came After Michelle Wu and Whiffed, Hard

Airbnb’s unusual campaign to target Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu appears to have backfired big time. The short-term rental company this week blasted a message […]

Home & Property

Michelle Wu Has Big (Progressive) Ideas for the City

The City Council president talks bicycling and more.

City Life

City Council President Endorses Marijuana Legalization, Opposing Walsh

The state ballot push to legalize recreational marijuana just picked up two supporters at City Hall. City Council President Michelle Wu and Councilor Tito Jackson have formally endorsed the […]

City Life

Power Lunch: Michelle Wu

Boston’s new city council president reflects on her 2016 agenda, facing criticism, and balancing power and motherhood.

City Life

Would You BYOB If Boston Finally Lifts Its Ban?

Due before Boston City Council on Wednesday is a new ordinance that would finally lift the ban on BYOB for some Boston eateries in lieu of liquor […]

City Life

Two Councilors Criticize Mayor Walsh Over Probation Verdict Comments

Mayor Marty Walsh’s recent comments about the John O’Brien probation patronage verdict have now drawn criticism from two City Councilors, while a third defended Walsh. […]

boston pride 2014
Arts & Entertainment

Scenes from the 2014 Boston Pride Parade and Festival

This past Saturday, the annual Boston Pride parade drew a record 25,000 people and 200 groups to march from Copley Square to City Hall Plaza, led […]

City Life

City Council Unanimously Supports ‘Gender Identity Non-Discrimination Ordinance’

As Boston celebrates Pride Week, city officials showed, once again, that they stand behind the LGBT community. During a meeting on Wednesday, the City Council […]

City Life

City Councilors Back Plan to Ban Non-Competes

UPDATE: Boston officials unanimously backed a proposal to send a resolution to Beacon Hill legislators, calling for a ban on all non-competes. .@BOSCityCouncil resolution for […]

City Life

City Councilors Call for Healthcare Coverage for Gender Reassignment Surgery

City Councilors Michelle Wu and Ayanna Pressley filed an ordinance this week that, if passed, would allow city employees that identify as transgender to be […]

City Life

Politicians Predict the Red Sox Season

  With the thrill of baseball back upon us, I asked local pols via Twitter for their predictions of the number of games the team […]

City Life

Chart of the Week: Breaking Down the Lobbyist Money in Boston’s Elections

Lobbyists registered with the state of Massachusetts give a lot of money to politicians, but usually focus their funds on the statehouse lawmakers who they […]

City Life

Sen. Ed Markey Wants Guns to Have Owner Recognition Technology

Referencing the latest James Bond film, U.S. Senator Ed Markey said he wants to bring technology to the table when it comes to talks about […]

City Life

Q&A #7: How Wounded Is Michelle Wu?

“Pete Christopher” asks the inevitable: Are Michelle Wu’s 2013 supporters going to hold the Linehan vote against her come 2015? How can she repair the […]