MIT Commencement: A Xerox Copy

A few weeks ago, I drove out to the University of Rochester for my little sister’s college graduation, where Xerox CEO Ursula Burns delivered the […]


Straightening My Hair With Science!

So you might not have noticed, but last week was a solid sheet of rain. Curiously enough, it was also one of my best hair […]

Arts & Entertainment

MIT Gets Even Brighter This Weekend

In celebration of MIT’s 150th birthday, dozens of architects, design students, dreamers, and deep thinkers will transform the riverbanks of the Charles for a limited […]


Optogenetics: Helping Blind Mice See The Light

Last week, researchers formally announced in Molecular Therapy that they had at last found a way to make blind mice see — a true glimmer […]


MIT Study Says Don't Walk in the Rain

A rainy day in Boston for most of us means, well, carry an umbrella. But if you happen to be on the faculty of MIT, […]


Geek Beat: MIT's Shiny New Mind Reader

MIT’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research just got itself a brand new, four-years-in-the-making, $4-million brain-scanning machine. It’s non-invasive, tracks thoughts by the millisecond, and looks […]

The Case of the Gumshoe Geeks

The curious MIT club that’s taken on a murder investigation as an afterschool project.

Coming to a Sephora Near You: MIT-Engineered Hair Care

Bob Langer and his fellow eggheads at Living Proof fight frizz with advanced science.