Graduation Speaker Showdown: Michael Bloomberg vs. Angela Merkel

MIT and Harvard compete for top talent and global renown, but during graduation season, it all comes down to who has the hottest celebrity speaker. […]

The MIT dome
City Life

Hackers Turned MIT’s Giant Dome into a Captain America Tribute

MIT’s famous Great Dome got a patriotic (and spoiler-free) makeover Sunday, thanks to some anonymous pranksters. The “hackers,” as they call themselves, transformed the dome […]

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Harvard, MIT, BU Helped Get Us That Black Hole Photo

Brainiacs in our backyard brought us Earth-shaking news about the possibility of alien spacecraft streaking through our solar system, or communicating with life beyond the […]

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Despite Atrocities, MIT Report Recommends Maintaining Ties with Saudi Arabia

Sure the humanitarian crisis in Yemen and the allegedly state-sanctioned dismemberment of a journalist are bad, but what do you want MIT to do about […]

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Jonny Sun’s New Art Project Is a Sitcom, Starring You

Update: You can now watch the action at The Laughing Room via livestream. It’s open 2-5 p.m. Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday, and 1-3 p.m. Sunday. In what […]

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Let’s Just See What the Aliens Have to Say

In what is either a sign of hope or sheer desperation, the local scientific community has been increasingly looking beyond the stars. Harvard researchers saw a giant rock hurtling through our solar […]


How Massachusetts Ranked in Forbes‘ 2018 Top Colleges List

Once again, Massachusetts schools are sitting comfortably atop a list of the county’s top colleges. According to a list published by Forbes this week, Harvard […]

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A Car Crashed into the Sean Collier Memorial, But Didn’t Damage It

Phew. It appears that very little damage was done and no one was was seriously injured when a car crashed into the Sean Collier memorial […]

The MIT dome

What the State Supreme Court Decision about a Suicide at MIT Means

It’s difficult to assess how responsible universities are for the ongoing health of their students, considering the majority of learners enrolled on campus are technically […]


Spyce, One of the World’s First Robotic Restaurants, Is Opening in Boston

Is Boston ready for robot chefs? Daniel Boulud and these MIT grads think so.

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Brad Pitt’s New MIT Friend Neri Oxman Is Extremely Smart and Cool

Brad Pitt has reportedly been palling around with MIT genius and all around very cool person Neri Oxman, and the internet is aflame with speculation. […]

Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School Graduates Have the Third-Highest Starting Salary Nationwide

Newly-minted Harvard Business School graduates might be the best educated crop of MBA holders nationwide, but they’re not the best paid. According to rankings released […]

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MIT Researcher: Artificial Intelligence Has a Race Problem, and We Need to Fix It

Artificial intelligence is increasingly affecting our lives in ways most of us haven’t even thought about. Even if we don’t have emotional androids plotting revenge on humankind (yet), we’re surrounded […]

A Harvard College flag

Seven Massachusetts Academics Win Rhodes Scholarship

Massachusetts is filled with people who are as smart as they think they are, the Rhodes Trust confirms. The prestigious Rhodes Scholarship—earned in the past […]

MIT professor Regina Barzilay (center) with Mass General collaborators Manisha Bahl and Constance Lehman / Photo provided

New Machine Learning Model Could Accurately Detect Breast Cancer

Harnessing the power of machine learning, Boston researchers hope to change breast cancer detection techniques for the better. Scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital and MIT’s […]