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Mitt Romney Is Just Like You. He Is Forbidden to Sleep Under Bridges

It seems possible that Mitt Romney might not be feeling the same pain as someone who may lose their health insurance, their home, their life savings and the chance for their kids to go to college if he doesn’t get a job soon. It was not a particularly effective “I feel your pain” moment for Romney.

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MIT Commencement: A Xerox Copy

A few weeks ago, I drove out to the University of Rochester for my little sister’s college graduation, where Xerox CEO Ursula Burns delivered the […]

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Straightening My Hair With Science!

So you might not have noticed, but last week was a solid sheet of rain. Curiously enough, it was also one of my best hair […]

Arts & Entertainment

MIT Gets Even Brighter This Weekend

In celebration of MIT’s 150th birthday, dozens of architects, design students, dreamers, and deep thinkers will transform the riverbanks of the Charles for a limited […]

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Optogenetics: Helping Blind Mice See The Light

Last week, researchers formally announced in Molecular Therapy that they had at last found a way to make blind mice see — a true glimmer […]

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MIT Study Says Don't Walk in the Rain

A rainy day in Boston for most of us means, well, carry an umbrella. But if you happen to be on the faculty of MIT, […]

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Geek Beat: MIT's Shiny New Mind Reader

MIT’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research just got itself a brand new, four-years-in-the-making, $4-million brain-scanning machine. It’s non-invasive, tracks thoughts by the millisecond, and looks […]

The Case of the Gumshoe Geeks

The curious MIT club that’s taken on a murder investigation as an afterschool project.

Coming to a Sephora Near You: MIT-Engineered Hair Care

Bob Langer and his fellow eggheads at Living Proof fight frizz with advanced science.