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Seven Massachusetts Academics Win Rhodes Scholarship

Massachusetts is filled with people who are as smart as they think they are, the Rhodes Trust confirms. The prestigious Rhodes Scholarship—earned in the past […]

MIT professor Regina Barzilay (center) with Mass General collaborators Manisha Bahl and Constance Lehman / Photo provided

New Machine Learning Model Could Accurately Detect Breast Cancer

Harnessing the power of machine learning, Boston researchers hope to change breast cancer detection techniques for the better. Scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital and MIT’s […]

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An MIT Physicist Earned a Nobel Prize

Rainer Weiss just wanted to know he wasn’t completely out of touch. After flunking out of MIT, the young physicist went searching for affirmation when […]


This Test Can Diagnose Zika in Less Than 20 Minutes

With a new paper-based test, doctors may be able to diagnose Zika within 20 minutes. The test, born in an MIT lab, could offer a […]

MIT tiny cup mold

Tiny Cups May Pave the Way for Multi-Dose Vaccines

Tiny, biodegradable cups could revolutionize drug delivery and vaccines, thanks to a team of MIT researchers. In a new study, MIT engineers describe a novel […]


The Answer to Public Health Crises Might Be in the Sewer

Newsha Ghaeli and Mariana Matus’ big idea doesn’t exactly sound glamorous—but it might just revolutionize the way we handle public health issues. Ghaeli, an MIT […]

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The Interview: Rafael Reif

The MIT president wants to take Donald Trump back to science class.

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Noam Chomsky Is Leaving MIT for the University of Arizona

Big news in the world of highbrow academia: Noam Chomsky is leaving MIT. The linguistics professor has announced plans to depart Cambridge in favor of, […]


Alzheimer’s Memory Loss May Be Reversible, MIT Study Says

A new study from MIT may give hope to patients and families struggling with the cognitive decline characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease. In a paper published […]


MIT May Be on to a New Way to Diagnose Cancer

What if doctors could diagnose cancer just by looking at it? Thanks to a breakthrough from MIT, it may someday be that easy. Scientists have […]


MIT May Have Found the Secret to Better Condoms

The brilliant scientific minds at MIT have created everything from a device that can make pharmaceuticals on demand to a pill powered by stomach acid. They […]

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Watch Apple CEO Tim Cook Speak at MIT

Apple CEO and 2017 MIT commencement speaker Tim Cook told students on Friday that “technology alone isn’t the solution.” The speech was streamed live, and you can […]

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MIT, Harvard Top Latest QS World University Rankings

London-based QS released its annual world university rankings this week, with two local schools sitting high atop the list. MIT ranked No. 1 overall for […]

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MIT to Trump: Stop Citing Our Climate Research If You Don’t Understand It

In his Rose Garden speech announcing he planned to pull the U.S. out of the Paris accord, it looks like Trump just sort of said […]

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Which Boston Colleges Are the Most Economically Diverse?

A study by the Equality of Opportunity Project released earlier this year showed that in Boston, the college-going 1 percent aren’t all where you might […]