Boston’s Colleges Speak out Against Donald Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban

Leaders from Boston’s colleges and universities spoke out against President Donald Trump’s controversial executive orders banning travel from seven Muslim-majority nations and barring all refugees from entering […]


Boston’s March for Science Is Taking Shape

Update: Organizers of the March for Science in Washington, in Boston, and in cities around the country, have announced that they plan to hold their protests […]


John Kerry Will Speak at MIT

Secretary of State John Kerry is headed to MIT on Monday, where he plans to give a speech on climate change and other topics in […]

V.A. Shiva Ayyaduri

MIT Alum, Hollywood Lawyer Who Helped Kill Gawker File New Libel Suit in Boston

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, the MIT alum who purportedly invented email at age 14, filed a $15 million libel suit Thursday against the tech website Techdirt […]


Are Your Morals the Same as a Self-Driving Car’s? MIT Wants to Know

A self-driving car experiences brake failure as it approaches a crosswalk. If it continues straight, it will collide with a concrete barricade, killing the female doctor […]


Apple CEO Tim Cook to Deliver 2017 MIT Commencement Address

Apple chief executive Tim Cook will deliver MIT’s 2017 commencement address, the school announced Thursday afternoon. Cook joined Apple in 1998 and was named CEO […]


LED Lights May Be a Promising New Alzheimer’s Treatment, MIT Study Says

A new study from MIT may shed light—literally—on Alzheimer’s treatment. The research, led by MIT neuroscience professor Li-Huei Tsai and published Wednesday in Nature, suggests […]


Pagu Set to Open This Winter

Opening this month in Cambridge’s innovation district, Japanese-Spanish fusion restaurant Pagu brings a different kind of experiment to MIT turf.


MIT Profs Oppose Trump Appointments, Stand Up for Science in Letter

Nearly 400 professors at MIT have signed an open letter opposing Donald Trump’s Cabinet picks and defending “fact- and reason-based objective inquiry”—a rebuke of a […]

Arts & Entertainment

MIT’s Fourth Hacking Arts Festival

“DNA will be our time machine,” said bio artist Joe Davis in a presentation at MIT’s Hacking Arts Festival this past weekend—an oddly meta statement, […]


Harvard, MIT Lead U.S. News’ List of World’s Best Colleges

U.S. News & World Report has released its 2016 list of the world’s best colleges, with Harvard and MIT leading the way. The Cambridge rivals came in first and […]


President Obama Sat Down with MIT’s Joi Ito for Wired

Feel free to disagree with Barack Obama on policy. But there should be no question, except to the deeply cynical, that he makes for a […]


Harvard, MIT Economists Win Nobel Prize

Economists from Harvard and MIT shared the 2016 Nobel Prize in Economics, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced Monday morning. Harvard’s Oliver Hart, a 68-year-old, London-born […]


MIT Breakthrough May Stop Breast Cancer from Spreading

Thanks to a promising gene therapy breakthrough, MIT may be closer to reducing breast cancer fatalities. Metastasis, the process by which cancer cells spread throughout […]


The MIT Open Style Lab Is Changing the Face of Fashion

For Jim Wice, fancy events presented a major dilemma. Not because socializing made him nervous—quite the opposite; he was eager to attend dinner parties and […]