MIT Researchers Are 3D-Printing High-Tech Hair

Hair isn’t just for your head anymore. Researchers at the MIT Media Lab are 3D-printing strands, and opening up a world of 3D-printed possibility. Printing […]


Harvard, MIT, and Williams College Make Forbes’ List of Top Colleges

Don’t sweat that quarter-million you just dropped at Harvard or MIT, everyone who just graduated from Harvard or MIT. According to Forbes, the brainy masses […]


Boston Ranked One of the World’s Best Tech Cities

The Silicon Valley area is familiar to a global audience as a mecca of tech innovation, with startups and established tech companies from Apple to Google, […]

Arts & Entertainment

Marvel’s New Iron Man Is a Teen Genius from MIT

Move over Tony Stark, there’s a new Iron Man in town, and she’s pretty awesome. On Wednesday, Marvel unveiled Riri Williams, its newest comic book […]

artificial skin

MIT Engineers Developed an Incredibly Strong Artificial Skin

MIT is at it again. Engineers from the school have developed a substance that they say could eventually be used to make artificial skin, long-lasting contact […]

Arts & Entertainment

Top Moments from Matt Damon’s MIT Commencement Speech

Matt Damon didn’t have to mop up any floors during his return to MIT on Friday morning as the Good Will Hunting star was the […]

Astraeus Technologies

MIT and Harvard Students Developed a Lung Cancer Breathalyzer

Thanks to Astraeus Technologies, diagnosing lung cancer could someday be as easy as breathing. That’s not an exaggeration. Astraeus’ product, L CARD, works like a […]


MIT Created an Ingestible Robot That Crawls Around the Stomach

MIT, purveyor of all things insane, has one-upped even itself. Researchers at the school have developed an “ingestible origami robot” that could be used to […]

Boston University

MIT Basketball Player Pleads Not Guilty in Alleged Rape in BU Dorm

An MIT basketball player pleaded not guilty to rape charges, after he was accused of entering a BU dorm and sexually assaulting a student there. Samson Donick, 20, of Tiburon, […]

V.A. Shiva Ayyaduri

Shiva Ayyadurai Sues Gawker for $35 Million for Saying He Didn’t Invent Email

A Cambridge man and MIT graduate who claims to have invented email in the late ’70s is suing Gawker Media for $35 million, alleging one of its sites […]

Second skin

Wrinkle Cure of Your Dreams May Haunt Your Nightmares

You’ve tried creams. You’ve tried serums. You’ve tried makeup. But the miracle skin product you’ve been waiting for may be none of the above. Scientists […]


Harvard and MIT Named World’s Most Prestigious Universities

Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have once again been named the most prestigious universities in the world, according to a new list, […]

Arts & Entertainment

Supergirl’s Melissa Benoist Joins Boston Marathon Bombing Film Patriots Day

Supergirl actress Melissa Benoist and two others have joined the cast of Patriots Day. Benoist will play Katherine Russell, the wife of Boston Marathon bomber […]

Arts & Entertainment

Willow Smith Dishes on Her Trip to MIT in Teen Vogue

Willow Smith, who once called going to school for a year depressing and the “worst experience,” is thinking about going to school in the Boston […]

grocery cart

This App Would Tell You the Brutal Truth About Your Groceries

Wouldn’t it be great to have a dietitian who would accompany you to the grocery store whenever you wanted, for free? That scenario’s just wishful […]