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Museum of Science

City Life

40 Local Leaders Share Their Favorite Places in Boston

Edited by Andrea Timpano Reporting by Spencer Buell, Colbi Edmonds, Catherine Elton, Erin Kayata, Ann Matica, John Spooner, John Terhune, and Lisa Weidenfeld Stéphane Bancel […]

City Life

The Museum of Science Reduced Its Staff by Seven Percent

The Museum of Science’s 400+ staff is officially shrinking. As first reported by the Boston Business Journal, the museum laid off eight full time employees Tuesday after 21 […]

Arts & Entertainment

How to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing in Boston

There’s nothing our scholarly city likes more than an excuse to indulge our inner nerds—and this month has an astronomical one. July 20 marks the 50th […]

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Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness Is Coming to the Museum of Science

Jonathan Van Ness, breakout star of the hit Netflix show Queer Eye, will record an episode of his podcast at Boston’s Museum of Science in […]

City Life

I Love My Job: Making Lightning at the Museum of Science

What’s it like to have one of the coolest jobs in Boston? We want to know. So we’re tracking down the city’s most interesting people […]

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Go Back to the Future with the Museum of Science

Think you’ve got what it takes to get your DeLorean up to 88 miles per hour and travel back to the future? You can prove […]

City Life

Michael Bloomberg Gives $50 Million to the Museum of Science

Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire, media titan, and former mayor of New York City, is in town today to deliver an enormous gift to Boston’s Museum […]

City Life

There’s a Seal in the Charles River

One of our educators spotted a seal in the Charles today! @NEAQ, @MassDFG any idea what would bring a seal this way? pic.twitter.com/EguOfkRgv8 — Museum […]

Arts & Entertainment

Yawkey Gallery on the Charles River Opens at the Museum of Science

Do you love that dirty water? The Museum of Science sure does, and thanks to a $10 million donation from the Yawkey Foundation, a new […]

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Museum of Science Hosts a Stargazing Bowie Tribute

This post originally appeared on Vanyaland. Not quite two months following the passing of xenomorphic rawk idol David Bowie, the deluge of eulogies continues undeterred. […]

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Explore Natural Engineering Marvels at the Museum of Science

This Valentine’s Day, peep at a giraffe’s heart at the Museum of Science. A real specimen—along with an explanation of how it can pump blood […]

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A New Museum of Science Exhibit Explores ‘The Science Behind Pixar’

Whether inside a colony of ants or the mind of an 11-year-old girl, Pixar explores a new world in each of its films—and each new […]

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Closed? Never. Enjoy Boston’s Museums, Music, and More Online

Whether the snow is keeping you indoors or you just don’t want to change out of pajamas, here are some ways to enjoy Boston’s arts and culture […]


Ioannis Miaoulis Wants to Get You Hooked on Science

We spent the day with the president of the Museum of Science as he threw one of his no-holds-barred dinner parties and shared a grand vision for turning the museum into a global food hub.

Arts & Entertainment

Watch 4-D Movies at the Museum of Science Starting August 1

It might seem crazy, what I’m ’bout to say, but watching Happy Feet: 4-D Experience is not a bad way to take a break on a busy […]