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Edelman to Brady after a Big Play: “You’re Too Old!”

Tom Brady is old, OK? Bicker about it all you want, but the human body can only resist the march of time for so long, […]

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People Are Posting Their Heart Rates From the Patriots’ AFC Championship Win

Here in the future, it’s pretty good to be a Patriots fan. The haters and the doubters were proven wrong, Brady and Belichick have reaffirmed their legacy as […]

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Trump Has Thoughts on the Patriots and Curt Schilling

The president has some thoughts on Boston sports right now, and he’s sharing them to his 58 million followers on Twitter. First, Trump congratulated the […]

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On Instagram, Tom Brady and Gronk Let the Win Speak for Itself

What’s there to say when your team shows up the haters, pulls off an “underdog” victory at the AFC Championship, and ends up in yet another […]

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Josh Gordon Says He’s Stepping Away from Football

New England Patriots wide receiver Josh Gordon said he’ll be stepping away from football on Thursday morning. The announcement came via a brief message on his […]

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Oops: Dunkin’ Donuts Gave Out Eagles “World Champions” Cups in Massachusetts

Repping the local team on your merchandise is good for business. It must be, considering the lengths Dunkin’ Donuts goes to in order to link its […]

Robert Kraft and Charlie Baker
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Robert Kraft Responds to Rob Gronkowski Trade Rumors

Robert Kraft would like everyone to just calm down and stop being jealous of the popular kids. After whisper networks lit up on Friday afternoon […]

Tom Brady smiles at Alex Guerrero after winning the Super Bowl
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Alex Guerrero Issues Statement on Julian Edelman Suspension

Of course, Alex Guerrero has been roped into the latest Patriots sideshow. On Thursday, ESPN reported wide receiver Julian Edelman is facing a four-game suspension […]

Julian Edelman
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Julian Edelman Faces Four-Game Suspension

Julian Edelman may not be on the football field at the start of the season after all. The wide receiver, who was sidelined all of […]

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady #12 calls signals at the line against the Atlanta Falcons at Super Bowl 51 on Sunday, February 5, 2017 in Houston, TX.
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President Trump Was Not Happy that Tom Brady Skipped a White House Visit

President Trump almost punted on the Patriots. Like a social climber scorned by the most popular kid in school, the president was unhappy when quarterback […]

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick speaks with reporters before an NFL football team practice, Thursday, June 8, 2017, in Foxborough, Mass.
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Dont’a Hightower Said the Patriots Do, In Fact, Have Fun Sometimes

The Patriot Way is not a cake walk. Sure, football may be a “game,” and “games” are traditionally “fun” and “enjoyable,” but, Bill Belichick isn’t […]

Cassius Marsh on the sidelines of a Patriots game with his helmet off
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Cassius Marsh “Wanted to get Waived” by the Patriots

The peanut gallery is snipping at the Patriots again. The defensive end Cassius Marsh criticized the team in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, […]

Tom Brady Super Bowl LI
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Eagles Player Lane Johnson Criticizes the Patriot Way

The Super Bowl was more than three months ago, but Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson is still all sorts of annoyed with the Patriots. The […]

Bill Belichick crosses his arms and looks down while walking
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Bill Belichick, Patriots Claim Ignorance in Matt Patricia Allegations

It took less than 30 seconds for the sports website Deadspin to find documentation that former Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia was accused of aggravated sexual […]

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Matt Patricia Maintains Innocence Regarding 1996 Sexual Assault Allegations

New Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia was charged but not convicted of aggravated sexual assault after a woman accused him and a friend of entering […]