New England Patriots

Cassius Marsh on the sidelines of a Patriots game with his helmet off
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Cassius Marsh “Wanted to get Waived” by the Patriots

The peanut gallery is snipping at the Patriots again. The defensive end Cassius Marsh criticized the team in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, […]

Tom Brady Super Bowl LI
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Eagles Player Lane Johnson Criticizes the Patriot Way

The Super Bowl was more than three months ago, but Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson is still all sorts of annoyed with the Patriots. The […]

Bill Belichick crosses his arms and looks down while walking
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Bill Belichick, Patriots Claim Ignorance in Matt Patricia Allegations

It took less than 30 seconds for the sports website Deadspin to find documentation that former Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia was accused of aggravated sexual […]

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Matt Patricia Maintains Innocence Regarding 1996 Sexual Assault Allegations

New Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia was charged but not convicted of aggravated sexual assault after a woman accused him and a friend of entering […]

Boston Celtics guard Terry Rozier celebrates

We Need the Boston Celtics Terry Rosé From Drew Bledsoe’s Winery

The Celtics took down the Philadelphia 76ers 114-112 last night to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals against Lebron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers. The back-and-forth action […]

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Robert Kraft Shared Harsh Words about President Trump in a Private Meeting

In public, Robert Kraft and Donald Trump have enjoyed a close friendship. They talk, they hang out, they support one another, and Kraft even wrote a check for […]

Julian Edelman
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Julian Edelman May Have Thwarted a School Shooting

Apparently, Julian Edelman is a hero. The Patriots star reportedly intervened late last month after a threatening comment was posted to his Instagram account, and […]

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Josh McDaniels Played Coy on What, Exactly, the Patriots Promised Him

Sherlock Holmes, we have a case for you. Sleuths tasked with solving celebrity-related mysteries may be a bit tied up with the whole “who bit […]

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Malcolm Butler Still Doesn’t Know Why He Was Benched for the Super Bowl

Some mysteries linger, morphing into myths destined to haunt the curious forever. There’s the Bermuda Triangle, whatever happened to Amelia Earhart, and Stonehenge. And now, […]

Rob Gronkowski at Kings Seaport on Tuesday Feb. 13 with Kings manager and a server. Gronk is holding a signed bowling pin
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Here’s What Rob Gronkowski Eats When He Bowls at Kings Seaport

It’s been a rough two weeks for Rob Gronkowski: First, the Eagles upset his New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. Then, the tight end’s house got […]

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The Boston Herald Is Suspending Ron Borges’ Column after a Tom Brady Story Was Proven False

The Boston Herald has pulled an article from veteran sportswriter Ron Borges and suspended his regular columns, the paper announced on Friday, after a story about a money-hungry […]

New England Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) warms up with members of the team during an NFL football practice Tuesday, June 7, 2016, in Foxborough, Mass.
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Jimmy Garoppolo Will Get Paid More than Tom Brady Next Season

Jimmy Garoppolo isn’t playing second-fiddle to anyone anymore—not on the field, and not at the bank. Tom Brady’s former backup (whose departure from the Patriots […]

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Josh McDaniels Isn’t Going to the Colts After All

In a last-minute reversal, Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels has decided against leaving the Pats to become head coach in Indianapolis, shocking the Colts and […]

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Why Didn’t Bill Belichick Play Malcolm Butler During the Super Bowl?

Update February 6: Butler has now commented on Twitter about the whole situation, saying his benching had nothing to do with attending a concert or […]

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Rob Gronkowski Might Be Considering Retirement after Super Bowl

Rob Gronkowski finished the Super Bowl with two touchdown receptions, 116 yards, and doubts about whether he would return for another season. At a press […]