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Maine Fugitive Found Hiding in New Hampshire Dryer

When you’re a fugitive, you have to get creative with your hiding places, even if that means cramming yourself into a Maytag. Police in Rochester, […]

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A New Hampshire Republican Is Offering $1,000 for Proof of Voter Fraud by Bus

A prominent New Hampshire Republican and critic of Donald Trump is calling our conspiracy theorizing president’s bluff, offering a reward to anyone who can provide […]

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Donald Trump Thinks Massachusetts Sabotaged Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire

To the thousands of you who traveled to New Hampshire on buses to sabotage Kelly Ayotte, consider yourselves warned: Donald Trump is on to you. Trump brought […]

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New Hampshire Burger King Caught Selling Weed as ‘Extra Crispy Fries’

Secret menus aren’t a novel idea in fast food. But the one at the Burger King in Epping, New Hampshire, was innovative, at the very least. […]


51 Lincoln Chef Has Taken Over a New Hampshire Farm

When 51 Lincoln shuttered over the summer, the Boston suburbs lost a leading option for upscale, sustainably sourced cuisine. Now, the proprietors are back, but […]

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Drone Smashes into New Hampshire Wedding Guests’ Faces

There’s nothing like a good drone video—the bird’s eye view, the majestic swooping—to turn something ordinary into a cinematic experience. Like foliage? How about foliage […]

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NH State Rep Arrested for Assaulting Cop at Dropkick Murphy’s Concert

A newly elected Republican state rep in New Hampshire is shipping up to the 4th Circuit Court, after he was accused of assaulting a police […]

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NH Trump Voters Tell CNN ‘Millions of Illegals Voted’ Because Facebook Said So

Trump supporter falsely argues that millions of people voted illegally with no evidence on CNN’s @NewDay — Eugene Scott (@Eugene_Scott) December 1, 2016 In […]

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Without Proof, Scott Brown Suggests Mass. Voters Committed Fraud in New Hampshire

Scott Brown suggested Wednesday that Massachusetts voters could have driven north to the swing state of New Hampshire to commit voter fraud in this month’s presidential […]

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New Hampshire Is New England’s Most Charitable State

Deep down, under New Hampshire’s gruff exterior of legal fireworks, tax-free liquor, and no motorcycle helmet laws, there’s a heart of gold. The Granite State […]

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Donald Trump Says ‘No, Thank You’ to Kelly Ayotte

Update Wednesday, November 23: The New York Times  has released a transcript of its interview with President-elect Donald Trump, which includes his full remarks on outgoing […]

Maggie Hassan
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New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan Claims Victory Over Sen. Kelly Ayotte

Update, November 9, 6 p.m.: The Associated Press has formally declared the race for Hassan, and Ayotte has conceded. According to the Boston Globe, Ayotte […]

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Everyone Is Campaigning in New Hampshire

In the final hours before this thing is finally over, New Hampshire is the place to be. That’s why every politician is spending this crisp and cool […]

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Poll: Trump and Clinton Are Tied in New Hampshire

A new poll out today shows the race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton tightening in New Hampshire with just five days left to go […]

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Maggie Hassan Wants to Give Back Boston Lawyers’ Money

New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan, who you may have noticed is running for Senate, says she wants to give back the donations she received from […]