Obsessions: Jack Bishop

The chief creative director of America’s Test Kitchen shares seven of his favorite things.

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Justin Power of Pioneer Goods Shares His Favorite Things

Justin Power shares some things that inspire his life and work.

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JSGD’s Jessica Maniatis Shares Her Favorite Things

JSGD’s Jessica Maniatis shares the things that inspire her.

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Krissy Price of Pollen Floral Design Shares Her Favorite Things

For Pollen Floral Design’s Krissy Price, all the world’s a garden.

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Linda de Valpine’s Favorite Things

Shop owner Linda de Valpine brings impeccable design to Newton.

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Erin Gates’s Favorite Things

Newton-based Erin Gates is an all-design tour de force.

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Patch NYC’s Don Carney’s Favorite Things

Patch NYC’s Don Carney shares the inspiration behind his unique, playful creations.

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Jessica Knez of All Too Human Shares Her Obsessions

The All Too Human boutique co-owner shares her favorite things.

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Lynne Kortenhaus Shares Her Obsessions

Public relations powerhouse Lynne Kortenhaus shares her daily inspirations.

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Kimberly LaFoy Shares Her Obsessions

The local designer opens the doors of her workshop to reveal a genuine love of craft.

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In Living Color

Ceramicist and designer Jill Rosenwald shares her inspirations.

Mario Russo

Cultured Coiffeur

A peek under the hood of local hairstylist Mario Russo’s art-and-fashion-filled life.

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Sault of the Earth

South End shop owner and curator Philip Saul finds inspiration in local art, regional style, and, of course, a well-groomed beard.

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The Clothes That Make the Woman

From luxe cashmere tops to the perfect pair of Louboutin heels, local fashion designer Daniela Corte draws inspiration from the sartorial world.

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A Fashionable Life

Miyuki Tachibana, designer of luxury outerwear at Boston-based M. Miller, draws artistic inspiration from art, travel, and music.