One Last Question


Was the Frog Pond Ever an Actual Frog Pond?

Welcome to “One Last Question,” a series where research editor Matthew Reed Baker tackles your most Bostonian conundrums. Have a question? Email him at […]


Why Does Boston Still Accept a Christmas Tree from Nova Scotia Every Year?

Nova Scotia has shown its gratitude for Boston’s aid after the great Halifax Explosion by giving our city a Christmas tree every winter. Isn’t it time we consider the debt paid and get a local tree?


One Last Question: Why Is Logan Airport in East Boston?

East Boston seems like a weird place for an airport. So how did it get there in the first place?


One Last Question: Where Should I Watch the Head of the Charles?

It’s hard to fully appreciate the races when you don’t know much about rowing. So where along the course can a casual viewer get the best thrill?


One Last Question: What’s the Best Word to Replace “Trump”?

The word has many meanings. Whichever definition pleases you most says a bit about your politics, but also a lot about how you need to just let some words be.


One Last Question: Is the Boston Terrier Really from Boston?

Did this adorable little dog truly come from our city?


One Last Question: Can I Take a Dip In Any of Boston’s Rivers?

Can I take a dip in Boston’s rivers?


One Last Question: What’s the History of UFO Activity in Massachusetts?

What’s the history of UFO activity in Massachusetts?


One Last Question: Which Drink Wins the Title of Most New England Cocktail?

Which drink wins the title of Most New England Cocktail?


One Last Question: What’s the Best Way to Spend Patriots’ Day in Boston?

What’s the best way to spend Patriots’ Day in Boston?


One Last Question: Are Boston’s Streets Really Paved Over Cow Paths?

Are Boston’s streets really paved over cow paths?


One Last Question: Where Did Massachusetts’ Blue Laws Come From?

Where did Massachusetts’ blue laws come from?


One Last Question: Why Is Wiscasset Called “The Prettiest Village in Maine?”

Why is Wiscasset called “The Prettiest Village in Maine?”

Arts & Entertainment

One Last Question: Was “Jingle Bells” Written in Medford?

Was “Jingle Bells” written in Medford?


One Last Question: Can I Let My Dogs Go After the Brookline Turkeys?

Would it be okay to let my dogs go after the Brookline turkeys?