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Rajon Rondo

City Life

Rajon Rondo Is Still a Beast at Connect-Four, in Case You Were Wondering

It’s been a while since Rajon Rondo last played for the Celtics, but it appears his penchant for ruthless domination at Connect-Four has held steady in […]

City Life

Rajon Rondo’s Anti-Gay Slurs Show Us Who He Really Is

Rajon Rondo remained an enigma throughout his entire Celtics career. Tales of his mercurial demeanor were accompanied by charming anecdotes about his social oddities, whether […]

City Life

A Tribute to Derek Jeter Was Boston’s Happiest Sports Moment in a Week

Who would have thought that a tribute to Derek Jeter would be the high point in Boston sports for a week? It’s true though. In basketball […]

City Life

Does Rajon Rondo Look Like Franklin the Turtle?

Star Celtics guard Rajon Rondo made a brief, but dare we say important, appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last night. Kimmel does a segment where he […]

City Life

Rajon Rondo Loves To Suck Down Shirley Temples

Rajon Rondo photo by Mark Runyon | Basketball Schedule The Celtics made a small move at the NBA trading deadline on Thursday, sending Leandro Barbosa’s […]

City Life

Watch Rajon Rondo's New ESPN Commercial

ESPN’s “This is SportsCenter” commercials have always been one of the network’s strong suits. The gag in this new one, however, doesn’t quite work. Basically, […]

City Life

Jack McCallum Talks Basketball

In Boston, the Larry Bird-era Celtics are almost mythical. Jack McCallum was lucky enough to spend an entire year embedded with them. His book, Unfinished […]

City Life

19 People Who've Tried to Figure Out Rajon Rondo

Photo via Rajon Rondo / Facebook Every time you look, Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo is doing something unusual. He’s now collected 10 or more […]

City Life

Rajon Rondo Is a Better Math Teacher Than You

Rajon Rondo photo courtesy of Jeremiah E. Burke High School On Tuesday, Kehinde Oshodi, a teacher at Dorchester’s Jeremiah E. Burke High School, noticed a […]

Arts & Entertainment

Will Rondo's Ultimate Night on the Town

William Rondo moved to Boston to look after his baby bro, Rajon Rondo. Now, with his two-year-old company Superior Global Travel & Concierge Services, he’s […]

City Life

Rajon Rondo's Would-Be Puncher Insists He is the Real Victim

Rajon Rondo’s Would-Be Puncher Insists He is the Real Victim. Eric Valarezo, better known as the guy who allegedly tried to punch out the Celtics […]