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Neighborhood News

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Eastie’s New Printing Press Lofts Aim to Unite the Neighborhood’s Past and Present

Like many buildings in a city as old as Boston, the Printing Press Lofts in East Boston had a few lives before they became homes. […]

Home & Property

So You Want to Live in Winter Hill

There’s so much more to Winter Hill than Whitey. Still, this largely residential Somerville neighborhood will always be linked to Whitey Bulger and the Winter […]

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So You Want to Live in the South End

It’s a familiar story around here: A Boston neighborhood was built atop a tidal marsh. The South End is no different. Since it was first developed […]

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So You Want to Live in Hyde Park

It’s with good reason that Hyde Park’s motto is “A Small Town in the City.” The southernmost neighborhood of Boston can feel worlds away from downtown, […]

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So You Want to Live in Bay Village

At only 25 acres, Bay Village is Boston’s smallest official neighborhood. But what it doesn’t have in size, Bay Village makes up for in history […]

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So You Want to Live in Newton Centre

It may be outside Boston, but Newton is a thriving city in its own right. With nearly 90,000 residents, it boasts 13 villages, with Newton […]

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So You Want to Live in the North End

Boston’s own Little Italy, the North End, is a study in contrasts. It’s a neighborhood with European roots where parades and pastries seem to flow […]

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So You Want to Live in Back Bay

It’s hard to imagine that one of Boston’s most iconic neighborhoods used to be a swamp. But before 1820, Back Bay was basically an expansive […]

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So You Want to Live in Assembly Square

If you’ve ever wanted to live in a shopping mall, then you’re in luck. While it might be a bit of a leap to call […]

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So You Want to Live in Brighton

Allston has always been known as a hipster’s paradise. But its sibling neighborhood Brighton isn’t as easy to label—even if it’s often viewed by outsiders […]

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So You Want to Live in Roxbury

Ask any longtime resident, and they’ll tell you the one word that embodies Roxbury: Community. In the 1600s, “Rocksberry”—named for its rocky soil—was highly attractive to […]

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This Map Lets You See Which Mass. Neighborhoods Support Which Presidential Candidates

As Neil Diamond once said: Money talks. And though it might not sing, dance, nor walk, it can indicate which political candidate an individual supports. […]

City Life

Is Your Neighborhood Rat-Infested? Use This Map to Find Out

Ah, summer in Boston, when the sunshine sparkles on the Charles, the sea breeze rustles the leaves on the trees, and—according to some fun new […]

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These Are the Top Places to Live Around Boston Right Now

For the beach bum Coastal towns making waves for more than just ocean views. HULL 2018 Median Single-Family Price: $415,000 Property Tax Rate: $13.42 Morning […]

Home & Property

This Brookline Teen Is Building a Tiny House in the Name of Minimalism

At 16, most kids dream of living in a huge house with a pool, bowling alley, and three sports cars in rotation. But the house […]