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Real Estate Trends

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Boston Has Fallen to the Fourth Priciest Rents in the Nation. Yay?

Like Paris is the city of lights and Vegas is the city of sin, Boston is “the city of high rents.” OK, perhaps this is […]

Massachusetts State Interstate Map
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A New Househunting Tool Shows Just How Much People Want to Stay in Massachusetts

Surely, you’ve done it: Gone on Zillow or another real estate site to look at what life might be like if you moved to a […]

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After Two Years of Househunting Frenzy around Boston, What’s Next?

What can even be said about the Boston area real estate market at this point? Probably just a string of expletives that aren’t fit for […]

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A New Study Lays Out How Bad Home Prices Got over Just One Year around Boston

Owning a home in the Boston area has long come with a hefty price tag. But lately it seems like everyone has a story about […]

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Condo Prices by Boston Neighborhood 2021

Read more about the Top Places to Live in 2022 More: Single Family Home Prices SOURCES: Boston neighborhood and town median home prices, sales volumes, […]

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Top Places to Live 2022: Key to the Kingdom

Route 128 or Bust When Jeff Gabel and his wife, Anne, agreed to say farewell to their apartment in Bay Village, they decided where to […]

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Single Family Home Price by Town 2021

Read more about the Top Places to Live in 2022 More: Condo chart SOURCES: Boston neighborhood and town median home prices, sales volumes, and days […]

Boston Rent overview
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The One Thing COVID Didn’t Affect This Year? Boston Rents.

We’ve hit everyone’s favorite time of year, where we get recaps and round-ups that look back at what we listened to, what we read, and […]

burlington hot towns guide
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A Guide to Boston’s Hottest Suburbs: Burlington

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that buying a home in the greater Boston area is a costly endeavor (unless you live under a rock, in […]

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Boston Has the Second Most Expensive Zip Code in the Country

After a bit of a COVID slump, Back Bay has been named the second priciest zip code in the country, thanks to a record-breaking year […]

house hunt trends
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Is There Finally a Buyer’s Market in Boston?

Over the last year, aspiring home owners in the Boston area have become familiar with the unspoken rules of finding a house in the COVID-era […]

COvid rent deal
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Boston Renters Are Entering the Autumn of Their Discontent

Quarantining all year last year was brutal, but especially so for people riding it out in cramped city apartments. But there was a silver lining […]

home inspection
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Thinking of Skipping a Home Inspection? Think Again

Seasoned realtors and home owners know a home inspection contingency can make or break a deal. Having one written into an offer can not only […]

Red Open House sign pointing at house for inspection
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Has the Pandemic Changed the Traditional Open House for Good?

Open houses used to be akin to dinner parties: You’re a guest in someone’s home and abide by certain rules. No snooping, no poking around […]

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Condo Prices in Boston 2020

Read more about the Top Places to Live in 2021 Related: Has COVID Mover’s Remorse Already Set in? More: Single-Family Homes Chart SOURCES: Boston neighborhood […]