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Real Estate Trends

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Condo Prices in Boston 2020

Read more about the Top Places to Live in 2021 Related: Has COVID Mover’s Remorse Already Set in? More: Single-Family Homes Chart SOURCES: Boston neighborhood […]

Home & Property

Has COVID Mover’s Remorse Already Set in?

Laura Aberle had been living in the same apartment near Alewife for around seven years when she decided it was time for her soon-to-be-husband, Tyner […]

Home & Property

Single-Family Home Prices in Greater Boston 2020

Read more about the Top Places to Live in 2021 Related: Has COVID Mover’s Remorse Already Set in? More: Condo Chart SOURCES: Boston neighborhood and […]

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How Low Can Boston Rents Go?

It was a side effect of the pandemic that bucked a years’ long trend, and realigned the balance of power among tenants and landlords in […]

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This Is How Long You Have to Save to Buy a Home in Boston

With 2021 right around the corner, many of us may be asking ourselves questions like, “How?” And, “a year, really?” And though the concept of […]

Gov. Charlie Baker
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With Evictions Slated to Restart, Questions Fly about Baker’s New Plan

Things are not looking good here in Massachusetts: COVID-19 cases are ticking up, state unemployment is the highest it’s been since the 1970s, winter is […]

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U.S. News and World Report Ranked Boston One of the Top Places to Live

Seven months into not being able to leave the apartment without a face mask and a pocket full of hand sanitzer, it’s not shocking that […]

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Two Massachusetts Towns Made Money’s List of the Best 50 Places to Live

Searching for real estate around Boston, it can feel like there are no well-kept secrets left. For those scrolling aimlessly around Google Maps though, here’s […]

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Three Major Effects Coronavirus Is Having on the Boston Housing Market

The coronavirus crisis has changed almost everything about the way we’re living, and where and how we’re living is no exception. There’s a lot going […]

City Life

A Bostonian Abroad in the Suburbs

During the first weekend of March, I was pretty busy. On Saturday alone, I took the Red Line into Davis Square to meet friends at […]

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One Piece of Good News: Renters Finally Have More Negotiating Power

By the time August rolls around, only the daredevils and deal-seekers are still looking for apartments in Boston, scouring the picked-over listings. The rest of […]

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A Two-Month Delay of Evictions Doesn’t Solve the Crisis, Housing Advocates Say

As much as each day of the pandemic tends to blend together, there is one date that has stood out for months: August 18. That […]

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The Coming Eviction Crisis Will Be Worse Than You Think

When Gov. Charlie Baker signed the statewide eviction and foreclosure moratorium in late April, it was an approval with an asterisk: The freeze would lift […]

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A Study Found Overwhelming Evidence Black Renters Experience Discrimination in Boston

If you didn’t know who “Karen” was a month ago, you definitely do now. She’s the woman demanding to see the manager for no reason, […]

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Here Are This Year’s Top-Performing Real Estate Agents in Greater Boston

If the pandemic has proven anything, it’s that Boston’s real estate market stops for nothing. Low inventory means some are still finding themselves in bidding […]