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Real Weight Loss


Together, These Best Friends Lost 200 Pounds

Names: Hannah Phaneuf and Kim Wood Ages: 24 and 50 Location: Fitchburg Total weight lost: 213 pounds all together Hannah Phaneuf and Kim Wood do everything […]


Real Weight Loss: Karla Schallies

Name: Karla Schallies Age: 36 Location: Brookline Occupation: Professor of medical microbiology and the basis of life at UMass Boston Total weight lost: 32 pounds and counting Karla […]


Real Weight Loss: Avi Shemtov

Name: Avi Shemtov Age: 31 Location: Canton Total weight lost: 57 pounds As the executive chef at the Chubby Chickpea, a popular local food truck, Avi Shemtov was […]

Jillian Diauto

Real Weight Loss: Jillian Diauto

Name: Jillian Diauto Age: 38 Location: Randolph Total weight lost: Roughly 120 pounds While trying to change her brother’s life, Jillian Diauto ended up transforming hers forever. Since […]

Charlene Bazarian

Real Weight Loss: Charlene Bazarian of FBJ Fit

Name: Charlene Bazarian Age: 51 Location: Reading Total weight lost: Roughly 90 pounds “If people meet me,” Charlene Bazarian says, “they may never know I was ever heavy.” […]

Sal Rincione

Real Weight Loss: Sal Rincione

Name: Sal Rincione Age: 44 Location: Peabody Total weight lost: 50 pounds “I woke up one morning, looked in the mirror, and said, ‘Wow, I’m pretty fat. I should […]


Real Weight Loss: Beth Kozik

Name: Beth Kozik Age: 39 Hometown: Newtonville Weight lost: 40 pounds Beth Kozik’s story is familiar: The academic counselor found herself working long hours, and sacrificing nutrition and exercise […]

Sarah and Donald

Real Weight Loss: Sarah and Donald Baum

Names: Sarah and Donald Baum Ages: 30 and 63 Locations: Medford and Bolton Total weight loss: Both lost roughly 100 pounds When Sarah Baum decided to get bariatric […]

Cornelius Hardenbergh

Real Weight Loss: Cornelius Hardenbergh

Name: Cornelius Hardenbergh Age: 30 Location: Jamaica Plain Total weight lost: 130 pounds, so far Cornelius Hardenbergh knew he needed to lose weight. He brought lunch to work, […]

Mike Winter

Real Weight Loss: Mike Winter

Name: Mike Winter Age: 40 Location: Wakefield Total Weight Loss: 35 pounds As the owner of Mija Cantina and East Coast Clubs, heavy restaurant food […]


Real Weight Loss: Alyssa Boyd

Name: Alyssa Boyd Age: 28 Location: Needham Total Weight Loss: 40 pounds How she did it: Boyd kicked off her weight loss journey with P90X […]


Real Weight Loss: Paul Mason

A lot has happened to Paul Mason over the past few years. He moved from England to Orange, Mass. He got engaged. He also had gastric bypass […]


Real Weight Loss: Jon Khanoyan

Jon Khanoyan was a fit, active kid growing up—until fifth grade. After that, his sedentary lifestyle and poor diet caused the pounds to slowly creep […]


Real Weight Loss: Sarah Quina

Through numerous knee surgeries, raising her two-year-old daughter, and studying to be a dietitian, Sarah Quina has been able to maintain her 200-pound weight loss […]


Real Weight Loss: Alison Corwin

Name: Alison Corwin Age: 38 Location: Sudbury Weight lost: 42 pounds I first heard about fitness competitions about 10 years ago. I’d been active most of my life, and I’d always been on […]