Restaurant Reviews

plate of food

Small Bite at Tonic

Tonic aims to bring a touch of class to Forest Hills, but badly needs front-of-the-house help.

fish dish

First Bite at Nix’s Mate

This revamped hotel restaurant aims high, but misses the mark.

Steamed pork buns

Small Bite: China King

A new Chinatown restaurant has a scant eight tables and a few tasty dishes.

Pickled vegetables and olives

Restaurant Review: Sam’s at Louis

Despite its couture digs, Sam’s offers food that’s fun, friendly, and familiar.


First Bite: Gem

This Downtown Crossing debut aims for glitz, but ends up lackluster.

First Printer

Small Bite at First Printer

The Harvard Square restaurant has a great old-school tavern feel, curiously Cajun food, and a bit of an identity crisis.

Wharf 88

Restaurant Review: 88 Wharf

A Milton restaurant gets a menu makeover from a Brookline chef. It’s delightful, some of the time.

mare restaurant

First Bite at Mare

A North End standard gets reinvented as an oyster bar. Let’s hope the makeover continues.

Casa B

First Bite at Casa B

A new tapas spot adds Latin and Caribbean flavor to Union Square. 

The Blue Room

Dining out at The Blue Room

With a new chef in the kitchen, this Kendall Square stalwart is hoping to boost its buzz quotient.


First Bite: Saloon

At this new Davis Square pub, it’s whiskey first, food second. And that’s just fine with us. 


Dining Out: Area Four

Food that’s both fun and sustainable? You’ll find it at this new Cambridge spot.


First Bite at Sweet Cheeks

Fenway’s new barbecue spot turns on the charm.


Restaurant Review: Trade in Boston

Thanks to early crowds, bold spices, and the talent manning the oven, Jody Adams’s new restaurant sizzles.


Dining Out: Trade

TRADE IS AN IMPROBABLE success. It’s a big urban brasserie in a funky, beautifully renovated old brick building opened by a high-profile chef and her […]