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Running on Passion: The Story Behind Janji

Brookline-based Janji, an athletic apparel company that donates a portion of proceeds to organizations around the world, is run by two friends who met while […]


Theme 5Ks and Fun Runs are Gaining Popularity

It seems like running a 5K is the new happy hour. There’s a spate of glow-in-the-dark races, 5K courses that look like a zombie battlefields, […]


Ask the Expert: Indoor vs. Outdoor Running

Boston runners are used to running in harsh temperatures: brutal heat during the summer, and bitter cold and snow during the winter. When it comes to […]


Wilmington Resident Wins Under Armour Competition

Wilmington resident and mother of two, Brittany Joyce, is one of four people across the nation who won Under Armour’s “What’s Beautiful” competition, which aims […]


Safety Tips When Running Alone

There’s been a spate of  sexual assaults in Beacon Hill this summer. Last week, a woman (who still has not been identified) was found dead on […]


Running Love

Boston has two scenes that seem to grow bigger every year: running and singles. So it only makes sense that the two would combine into one event. On Aug. […]


Ask the Expert: How to Treat and Prevent Side Cramps

If you’re an athlete, you’ve likely experienced the sometimes excruciating and always annoying pain of a side cramp mid-workout. The cramp usually crops up suddenly […]


Boston Hotels Offering Guided Runs

Boston is known as a running capital throughout the country, so it makes sense that travelers would seek out a run on our streets and […]


Ask the Expert: Should I Run “Unplugged”?

There are proven benefits to running with music, but lately there have also been reports that running without music or pacing apps can be better for your mind, […]


Ask the Expert: What Should I Wear to a 5K?

Finally signing up for your first 5K can be intimidating enough, nevermind trying to figure out what to wear. We asked Lauren Blanda, apparel buyer at […]

City Life

Portable Locker Rooms: A Way for Runners To Not Surrender Their Stuff

Molly MacDonald’s business was born from missing articles of clothing. First, it was a black jacket that she tried to conspicuously hide behind a shrub […]


Ask the Expert: How Often Should I Replace My Running Shoes?

How do you know that it’s time to replace your running shoes? Do you measure it by miles logged? Holes created? Fraying laces? Too many […]


Ask the Expert: How Do I Treat and Prevent Shin Splints?

Most of the athletes we know have experienced shin splints at some time or another. Shin splints, or medial tibial stress syndrome, is a common […]


Muddy Buddies

Meet the new face of extreme races—soccer moms.


Ask The Expert: What Happens To The Body After 26.2 Miles?

Running a marathon is an amazing feat of physical fitness, but we couldn’t help but think that running 26.2 miles, often on pavement, might not […]