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Bill Rodgers

Q&A: Marathon Legend Bill Rodgers

For many people, Bill Rodgers is the Boston Marathon. The New England native, now 65, won the race four times, in 1975, ’78, ’79, and ’80, […]


Ask The Expert: Do Your Laces Matter?

When running on the road or at the gym we see a lot of cool sneakers. But one thing we’ve been noticing lately is the […]

City Life

Team Run Spells Out “Boston” on a GPS Map

In the weeks following the Boston Marathon bombings, Gregory Soutiea decided he wanted to help some friends finally finish the race that was brought to […]


Running a 5K Blindfolded

Running 26.2 miles is a challenge, to be sure. But can you imagine running without being able to see? Even just for one mile? The […]


Summer Sanders’ New Sport: Marathon Running

Name: Summer Sanders Age: 40 Resides: Park City, Utah Have you ever run the Boston Marathon? I have never run Boston, but I have qualified […]


Mentally Preparing for a Marathon

Sometimes preparing mentally for an event is just as hard as the physical preparation. Dr. Jeffrey Brown is a Harvard Medical School professor and he’s been the psychologist for […]


What to Eat Before, During, and After Your Race

Logging miles on the treadmill isn’t the only thing you need to do to prepare for a race—your diet can also have a major impact […]


Don’t Forget Your iPod: Music Enhances a Run

During a winter running season in which stubbornly cold weather leaves us probing the depths of our souls for any last glimmer of motivation, new […]


Running Clothing for a Cause

Janji, which means “promise” in Malay, is a Brookline-based running apparel company that, according to cofounder Mike Burnstein, is “dedicated to fighting the global food and water crisis.” […]


Running a Marathon in All 50 States

Gina Chupka’s completed 52 marathons in 49 states. But the one marathon that’s eluded the Westfield native is Boston, and in two short weeks, her […]


Roundup: Boston Spring Road Races

It may seem like the Boston Marathon is all anyone in the running community can talk about these days, but there are tons of races […]

running gear

Gearing Up: Expert Running Tips

Ever wonder how marathon runners do it? These tips from local experts will help you get started on your first 5K.


The Most Popular Running Routes in Boston

Boston is a city that loves running. You can’t swing a handbag on the sidewalk without hitting a passing runner. The season doesn’t matter. The weather doesn’t […]


The November Project’s Ninja Race Recap

Getting ready to run. Photo by Madison Kahn Hub Health covered the November Project back in late-October, just before they celebrated their one-year anniversary. The free, grassroots […]


Reebok's New Crazy (and Awesome) Sneaker

Reeboks new sneaker the ATV 19+ has the web on edge. Photo provided by Reebok. Have you seen Canton-based Reebok’s new sneaker yet? Mashable used words like […]