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Here’s How Much Homes Cost in Salem Right Now

Never want your history-filled visits to Salem to end? Neither do we. For those charmed by the quaint (and sometimes spooky) town of Salem, there’s […]

Home & Property

Here Are the Oldest Houses for Sale Near Salem

As New Englanders head to Salem for their annual autumn visit, a few house hunters may become too charmed to leave. Instead of a trip […]

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Salem’s Best Halloween Events 2016

Salem is one New England’s best-known haunted hotspots, infamous for their witch trials held in the 1690s. This mass hysteria led to more than 200 […]

City Life

Throwback Thursday: The Final Round of the Salem Witch Trials

On this day 324 years ago, the last eight victims of the Salem witch trials were put to death. They were hanged September 22, 1692, rounding out […]


Salem Is Getting an Asian Noodle Shop

A little more than a year after opening a wood-fired pizzeria in downtown Salem, a couple of entrepreneurs are getting into the Asian small plates […]

City Life

Who Blew Up the Rainbow Times’ Newspaper Box?

Sometimes anti-LGBT feelings are expressed subtly, and sometimes they’re about as subtle as a firework detonated at street level. That appears to have been the […]

Notch Brewery in Salem.

Here Are the Details On Notch’s Soon-to-Open Salem Brewery & Beer Hall

UPDATE, July 16: Now Open. #Salem2016 — Notch Brewing Co. (@NotchBrewing) July 16, 2016 PREVIOUSLY: Veteran brewer Chris Lohring rolled the dice six years […]


Bit Bar Arcade Restaurant Planned for Salem This Summer

UPDATE, Friday, June 24: Bit Bar is now open seven days a week. PREVIOUSLY: Should we add a couple new tallies for #TeamNorthShore? The team […]

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J.K. Rowling Adds Salem to the Harry Potter Universe

The lead up to November’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them just got more exciting for American Harry Potter fans: Author J.K. Rowling is writing a […]

City Life

A Delivery Box from Salem Was Found on the Shores of Wales

Welcome to Weirdest Thing of the Week, where…well, we point out weird things. [email protected] find “Salem News Box” whilst taking part in a beach clean […]

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The Real Salem Witch Hanging Site Was Located

Welcome to Weirdest Thing of the Week, where…well, we point out weird things. After many years of uncertainty, the true location of the Salem witch […]

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How a Salem Company Helped Put David Bowie on CDs

David Bowie is dead; long live that beautiful weirdo. In the late-80s, as the compact disc ascended to the music industry’s medium of choice, Bowie […]

Deacon Giles Distillery

Deacon Giles Distillery Opens Today in Salem

A new distillery is opening its doors at noon today for tastings, tours, and bottles to go. Deacon Giles Distillery is producing the malt-forward Original […]


Wedding Venue Spotlight: Peabody Essex Museum

When Hollywood lovelies Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway roamed the Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) for a scene in the 2009 comedy Bride Wars, they were carrying around some […]

Arts & Entertainment

Salem’s Best Halloween Events 2015

This is our 2015 roundup. Check out the 2016 list. Salem is one New England’s best-known haunted hot spots, infamous for their witch trials held […]