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Cyclists Claim Another Win in Push For Improved Snow Removal Along Pathways

A little Twitter badgering can go a long way. After bombarding the Department of Conservation and Recreation with a social media campaign calling for cleared […]

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Snow Kidding: Winter Storm Craziness Continues

Update: Residents don’t have to stay in during the snowstorm (it has already started to come down in some areas), but Governor Deval Patrick would […]

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Watch a News Anchor Call the Snow in Lowell ‘Slutty’

It has long been tradition for news anchors in Massachusetts to post up in different parts of the state during snowstorms so that they can […]

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Video of the Arrest-Free Boston University ‘Snowbrawl’ Fight

The cops showed up and stood close by, but no Boston University students were arrested at this year’s massive snowball fight on the Esplanade. As […]

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Boston University Students Are Trying to Organize Another ‘Snowbrawl’ Fight

Last year, when winter storm “Nemo” hit the East Coast, students from Boston University did the only thing there was left to do in a […]

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The MBTA Seems to Run Smoothly When There’s Tons of Snow

Apparently all it takes for the MBTA to provide a reasonable, nearly hassle-free commute is upwards of a foot of snow. As the state endured […]

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It’s Going to Snow—Again

Update:  Mayor Marty Walsh has declared a snow emergency and parking ban in Boston, ahead of actual flakes hitting the ground, and canceled school on […]

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How Much Snow Before America Cancels School?

Decades of national news have reinforced in each of us the maxim that one man’s snow flurry is another man’s natural disaster. We New Englanders […]


Snowblower Injuries Are Serious

So you’ve invested in a snowblower. Good for you. Now you get to smile sarcastically at your poor neighbor who’s laboring with a shovel while […]

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Had Enough? Another Snowstorm Is Coming to Get Boston

In what feels like a routine this winter, officials from the National Weather Service have issued winter advisory warnings to coastal towns and parts of […]

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Caption This Photo: Gisele Bundchen Hits Tom Brady with a Snowball

While you were holed up in the house all weekend, the Brady Bunch was out and about, playing in Boston’s freshly fallen snow. Check out […]

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City, State Officials Prepare for Major Boston Snowstorm

Massachusetts residents are starting the New Year with the first official snowstorm of 2014, which could dump up to 14 inches of powdery white flakes […]

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A Snowball’s Chance

As global temperatures rise, the New England ski industry is in danger of totally melting away—and sooner than you think.

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Citizens Disconnect: OMG It Snowed

With the Citizens Connect app and website, Boston allows its residents to take a picture of a problem and send it to the city along […]

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State Officials: Go Home, It’s Snowing

The snow has just started to fall in the Boston area, but already, officials have cancelled after-school programs and are asking businesses to let their […]