Boston Redevelopment Authority Taps Somerville Official for Real Estate Director

The Boston Redevelopment Authority now has a manager for the more than 16 million square feet of property in its portfolio. The BRA announced Monday it […]


Somerville Dance Union Is Adding Barre Classes

Somerville Dance Union is giving you another way to work off those holiday pounds: It’s offering two new, high-intensity barre classes. “Up to the Barre” […]

Arts & Entertainment

Fill in the Blank: ‘I Am a Woman Who…’

Verna is a woman who is “independently minded with a fierce need for collaboration.” Kira is a woman who “rides horses and dreams of flying.” Yana […]


UPDATE: Osteria Posto, Opening This Month in Waltham, Elevates the Somerville Brand

The Somerville-based Alpine Restaurant Group is making its first foray into the suburbs on Monday, November 23 with a high-end concept called Osteria Posto. Opening at […]


Meet Dan Blakeslee, the Toothless Troubadour of a Gentrifying Somerville

They put Dan Blakeslee in a parking lot festooned with weeds, in front of a bus bearing the giant likeness of a sneering muskrat. Its […]

Grove Ecosystem

This Somerville Startup Is Using Aquaponics to Grow Food Indoors

Two years ago, Jamie Byron built an aquaponic greenhouse in his MIT dorm room. Today, Grove, the Somerville-based company he cofounded using similar technology, launched […]

J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

‘The Food Lab’ Chef Is Bringing Scientifically Ideal Fried Chicken to Somerville

A cookbook that hit shelves last month could almost be mistaken for an undergrad textbook. The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science is a hefty, […]


GentriWatch: A Book About Gentrification, Published in Rapidly Gentrifying Somerville

Welcome to GentriWatch, where we look for signs of gentrification happening around the city. AUTHOR ED HAMILTON wants to show the human cost of gentrification. […]

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Legoland Discovery Center Boston Has a New Master Model Builder

Mid-competition, contestant Nick Conti paused, his head tilted, clearly deep in thought. He raised his right arm above his head, holding an imaginary torch, and […]


Somerville Alderman Candidate Releases Anti-Gentrification Ukulele Song

Somerville Song: a ballad of rising rents by Amy Kucharik48% of Somerville residents pay more than 1/3 of their income for housing. 20% pay more […]

Arts & Entertainment

Somerville Is Throwing a “Pity Party”

Greg Cook was having a hard time. Plagued by a series of personal misfortunes, the local artist and writer began browsing self-help resources online. One […]


Just Build the Damn Green Line Expansion

The revelation this week that the Green Line extension is possibly headed for a $1 billion cost overrun has all kinds of transportation advocates crying foul. […]


GentriWatch: The Fight for 100% Affordability in Egleston Square

Welcome to GentriWatch, where we look for signs of gentrification happening around the city. EGLESTON SQUARE in Jamaica Plain has become one of the most contentious […]

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Boston’s Legoland Discovery Center Needs a New Master Builder

Face it: this is the job you’ve spent your whole life preparing for. Ian Coffey, Master Builder of Boston’s Legoland Discovery Center in Somerville, stepped […]

Home & Property

Fixer-Upper Friday: Hidden Potential in a Somerville Victorian

Location: 121 Central St., Somerville—near Magoun Square, the Green Line extension, and under a mile to both Porter and Davis Squares Stats: 4 floors, 2 baths, 2,668 square feet […]