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South End


Inside Burn Fitness, a New Gym Opening Soon in the South End

Burn Fitness in the South End has been under construction for some time. Passersby can see a gorgeous chandelier (there’s two) through the window and […]


“Banana Fan-a”: The Jibarito at Maná Escondido in the South End

Trying the jibarito at Maná Escondido in the South End.


Global Charming: Find Tempting Gifts at New South End Store December Thieves

Find tempting gifts at new South End store December Thieves.

City Life

The ‘Big Tipper’ Stopped In Boston And Gave a Waiter In the South End $500

South End waiter Mike McCaw was somewhat speechless when one of his customers handed over a $500 cash tip, for a $63 bill, at the […]


Details on Merrill & Co., Bringing Seafood and Sherry to the South End

The seafood-centric dining options in Boston have been getting a refresh as of late, with last week’s opening of Row 34 from the Island Creek […]


And a Sprig of Time? Vintage Cookbooks at Farm & Fable in the South End

The South End’s new food-geek boutique makes a persuasive case that some history bears re-eating.


Practical Makes Perfect: Housewares and Gifts from Michelle Willey in the South End

Check out housewares and gifts from Michelle Willey in the South End.


The World’s Most Infectious Deadly Diseases… in the South End?

Boston University’s decade-long battle to study some of the world’s deadliest infectious diseases in a South End laboratory won approval Monday from a federal court. […]

City Life

A Water Main Break Flooded Parts of Tremont Street on Monday Morning

Workers from the city’s Water and Sewer Commission spent the morning making repairs to a section of pipe that burst in the South End, flooding […]


Restaurant Review: Boston Chops in the South End

A new steakhouse comes to the South End.


Sail Away with Five Must-Have Items from Sault New England in South End

Five must-have items from Sault New England in South End.

City Life

Bees That Swarmed Yellow Car in Dorchester Now Living in the South End

On Monday in Dorchester, this happened: This car in Uphams Corner is covered in bees! @universalhub @massaudubon @pdrosso @oldmanwalkey @notifyboston twitter.com/OFFtheDOT/stat… — Off the Dot […]


Restaurant Review: BoMa in South End

This South End newcomer has some work to do before it can become the next neighborhood success story.

brian poe

Dining Brief: Estelle’s in the South End

Classic southern-style comfort food hits the spot at Brian Poe’s new restaurant.

Meet Your Makers at Olives & Grace in the South End

Shop owner Sofi Madison stocks gifts from small-batch producers both near and far.