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Proposed Bill Would Hide Internal Police Investigations from Public

Update: Tuesday, 3:53 p.m. State Rep. Nick Collins said in a statement to Boston magazine: This bill is a starting point for a much-needed conversation about […]

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‘Roadrunner’ Gets a Second Chance to Become Official Rock Song of Massachusetts

The second time might be the charm. Once again, there’s a bill on the docket at the Massachusetts State House to declare “Roadrunner” by the […]

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State House Time Capsule to Receive Extravagant, Masonic Ceremony

Update: June 17, 8:30 a.m. State House News Service confirms the National Guard will indeed provide cannonfire for today’s ceremony. Previously: The 220-year-old time capsule […]

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At Gov. Charlie Baker’s Inauguration, George Montilio Makes the Cake

Governor Charlie Baker is going to take a bite out of the State House—literally. Baker, who was officially sworn in to take the reins on […]

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Here’s What’s Inside the State House Time Capsule from the 1700s

Just three months after historians from the Bostonian Society revealed the contents inside a time capsule found in the lion statue atop the Old State House, […]

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Simmie Knox: Meet the Artist Who Painted the State House Portrait of Governor Patrick

Simmie Knox has been in the presence of presidents, judges, senators, and congressmen, and used his paintbrush and oil painting techniques to portray their likeness and […]

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State House Time Capsule Contents to Be Revealed

Tonight, state officials and workers from the Museum of Fine Arts will unveil the contents of a time capsule that was excavated from a granite cornerstone […]

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Paul Revere-Era Time Capsule Removed From State House Cornerstone

Before there were squabbles at the State House about designating the official sandwich of the Commonwealth, funding the MBTA, and legalizing medical marijuana, Paul Revere, […]

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Old State House Statues Shipping Off to Woburn Studio for Restorations

It takes a very steady hand, complete silence, and a room that’s void of even the slightest bit of wind. But the job is a rewarding one; […]

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Boston Will Get 75 Additional Liquor Licenses

Update: Bring on the growth. @MassGovernor has signed the economic development bill. #mapoli — Jesse Mermell (@jessemermell) August 13, 2014 Earlier: Thursday, July 31, […]

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Gov. Patrick Signs Bill to Protect Patients Accessing Abortion Clinics

A bill to put protections in place for patients visiting abortion clinics and other health facilities throughout the state was signed into law by Governor Deval Patrick […]

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Rally to Stop Pipeline Through Northern Massachusetts Planned on the Common

In a time when public protests have seemingly become the norm near the State House, environmentalists and elected officials are planning to forge ahead with […]

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Massachusetts Liquor Stores Can Soon Sell Alcohol Before Noon on Sundays

Governor Deval Patrick, who’s wrapping up a final stretch of signing legislation that’s spilling out of the State House doors this session, inked a bill […]

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Pro-Israel and Pro-Palestine Protests Planned in Copley Square

Things could come to a head as two planned protests about the situation unfolding in Gaza are scheduled to take place in Copley Square on […]

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Celebs Could Soon Have Post-Mortem ‘Personality’ Protections

Celebrities could soon lay to rest without the worry of their image or likeness showing up in a commercial or on a product’s label once […]