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Brianna Wu Will Make Run for Congress Official Tomorrow

She’s making it official tomorrow: Brianna Wu is running for Congress, and she hopes to unseat Stephen Lynch, who she just called ‘everything I think […]

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Six Reasons to Be Proud of Massachusetts Senators and Representatives

The @HouseGOP may run from a vote for common-sense gun measures, but they can’t hide. #NoBillNoBreak — Elizabeth Warren (@SenWarren) June 22, 2016 Following […]

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Stephen Lynch’s Candidacy Now Just One, Long Austin Powers Metaphor

Stephen Lynch recently showed off his timely movie reference skills by calling billionaire hedge funder and environmental activist Tom Steyer “Dr. Evil,” and Steyer’s public […]

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The Boston Herald Covers the Race for Senator of Fantasy Land

Pity the Boston Herald‘s Joe Battenfeld, who had the unenviable task this week of hyping the Herald-sponsored Democratic Senate debate in the face of a […]

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Ed Markey’s Anti-Abortion Past

Rep. Ed Markey has not let anyone forget that Rep. Stephen Lynch has notably shifted toward a more pro-choice stance in the run-up to his […]

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Markey and Lynch Set to Debate Steadily from Now to April 30

Stephen Lynch and Ed Markey have agreed to debate six times in the run-up to the April 30 primary in the Massachusetts Senate Special Election. […]