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Testing: The Gradient Manicure

With the ombre hair trend on its way out, a new option has taken its place: the gradient manicure. I spotted a charcoal-tipped version on […]


Testing: We're Going Streaking, Part II

Earlier this summer, I came across this article on xojane.com about Streekers and, given my affinity for bright streaks , felt compelled to give it […]


Testing: LCN's Crocofever

Move over, crackle polish, there’s a new topcoat on our tips, and it has the luxe look of crocodile leather. I was never crazy about […]


Testing: Hourglass Film Noir Lash Lacquer

I have never been a huge fan of patent leather. I don’t care whether it’s on shoes or handbags or studded dog collars, there’s just […]


Stuff We Love: T3 SinglePass Whirl

Confession: I am a total Harry Potter geek. I’ve seen all the movies (yes, occasionally in costume), and I recently started re-reading the books. I’m […]


Testing: Blinc Heated Eyelash Curler

I have exciting news to share, Bostonistas: I will never use a regular eyelash curler again. Gone are the days of affixing that Clockwork Orange-style […]