Be Awed by the TurDunkin’, a Coolatta-Brined, Munchkin-Stuffed Thanksgiving Feast

In a year filled with so much stress, division, and strife, it’s important this holiday season to focus on the things that unite us. Love […]

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Nine Not Terrible Things to Do for a Quarantine Thanksgiving

Yes, your traditional Thanksgiving is officially canceled and it’s awful. But after you’ve checked in with your family on Zoom and gone through the usual […]

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Seven Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving Weekend Outdoors

With coronavirus case counts soaring and the CDC encouraging people not to travel for Thanksgiving this year, many families are looking for ways to spend […]


How Did Cranberry Sauce Become a Staple Thanksgiving Food?

Welcome to “One Last Question,” a series where research editor Matthew Reed Baker tackles your most Bostonian conundrums. Have a question? Email him at [email protected] Question: […]


16 Not-So-Traditional Thanksgiving Takeout Packages in Boston

Thanksgiving feasts will wind up being much more intimate affairs this year—but hey, a smaller head count just means you’ll have more money to splurge […]

From a festive menu by the Dinner at Mary's pop-up, the "OG Turducken" of roast turkey, confit duck, and chicken sausage with charred broccoli rabe and a THC-infused smoked cranberry glaze. Dinner at Mary's founder Sam Kanter shares her tips on incorporating cannabis edibles into your holiday feast.

Seven Tips For Bringing Cannabis Edibles to Your Holiday Dinner

The first holiday season approaches since Massachusetts residents have had recreational access to legal cannabis products, and the temptation might be strong to add the […]

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Want to Avoid Boston’s Horrific Thanksgiving Traffic? Better Read This

If you’d prefer to kick off your Thanksgiving weekend joyfully anticipating good food and time well spent with family rather than flipping off fellow travelers […]

With Branch LIne's help, your Thanksgiving table can look like this

Here’s Where to Order Thanksgiving Catering in Boston

Volunteered to bring the pies, fix the sides, or even roast the turkey this Thanksgiving—and freaking out a bit as Thursday, November 28 draws near? […]

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When to Drive (and When Not to Drive) on Thanksgiving

Driving on Thanksgiving in Boston, like in all American cities, is a disaster waiting to happen. Play your cards wrong, and you could end up spending […]

Both locations of Boston Chops are open Thanksgiving Day with steakhouse fare and holiday specials

17 Restaurants Taking Last-Minute Thanksgiving Reservations in Boston

Has Thanksgiving snuck up on you, early as it is this year on November 22? Don’t scramble under the stress of pulling together Thanksgiving Day […]


What to Eat (and Drink) Around Boston Over Thanksgiving Weekend

Safely For this special Wednesday edition of What to Eat (and Drink), remember to have a safe plan to get home whether you’re sticking around Boston […]

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Police in Maine on Dumpster Turkeys: Don’t Eat Dumpster Turkeys

Please for the love of God do not eat turkeys out of a dumpster. This should be self-evident but it apparently is not. This much […]

The Castle Island Brewing taproom

Use This Discounted Lyft Code as Your Pre-Thanksgiving Designated Driver

Here’s hoping you’re already planning to get a lift home after catching up with hometown friends over a few pints this Thanksgiving eve. The popularity […]

Eataly Boston beer manager John McKusick's Thanksgiving beer recommendations

Nine Craft Beers for Your Holiday Table

A balanced sauvignon blanc or a bold Nebbiolo might be the more traditional drinks of choice to pair with a day of fall feasting. But […]


Chefs’ Guide to Shopping Locally for Thanksgiving

Volunteered to bring the appetizers, fix the sides, or even roast the turkey this Thanksgiving—and freaking out a bit as the holiday draws near? Take […]