The Briefing


Where Is This Year’s Ayanna?

Boston, 2018: land of political upheaval; burial ground for complacent incumbents; a city of voters lifting bold upstarts to surprising victories. Boston, 2019: eh, not […]


As Surveillance Goes Mainstream, Can Boston Tame Big Brother?

How many times do you think your face has been captured and plugged into an AI database today? Your mug, after all, is being scanned, […]


The “Straight Pride” Trolls Are at the Gate. So What’s Boston to Do?

When news of August’s “Straight Pride” Parade first broke, you could almost hear the city’s collective groan rising from the streets. The plan, announced in […]

Arts & Entertainment

Has Boston Become a Hip-Hop Town?

Ask almost anyone, and they’ll tell you Boston is a rock ’n’ roll town. Just look at our history. The city has birthed legends ranging […]


Massachusetts Needs to Reconsider Nuclear Energy

By the end of this month, the reactor at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth will finally power down for good. Its slim, uranium-filled […]


Boston’s Beloved Beer Gardens Are Facing Serious Backlash

Bostonians love a good beer garden. They hit all the sweet spots in après-work imbibing: sought-after brews, fresh air, food-truck dining, and Instagram-friendly ambiance. When […]


Is Boston’s Transportation Crisis Beyond Repair?

Getting around Boston has never been more of a pain in the ass. Between the city’s booming population and its cratering unemployment rate, some 150,000 […]

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center Seaport

Why Isn’t Boston a More Popular Convention Destination?

On any given winter night, the streets around the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center in the Seaport are dotted with a few stray souls scurrying […]


Donut Break Our Hearts, Dunkin’

Picture this: Early one morning, you’re walking to grab your coffee, maybe an iced regular with one milk, one sugar. You round the corner, and […]


Is Boston’s Real Estate Bubble Unpoppable?

Interest rates are rising and housing markets all over the country are slowing down. But does any of that matter here?


Why Is It So Hard to Get a Doctor’s Appointment in Boston?

You can’t throw a stethoscope here without hitting a world-class physician. So why is it so hard to get an appointment?


Has Boston’s Nightlife Gone Vegas, Baby?

Why the City That Definitely Sleeps is fast becoming a high-rollers’ club town.


Why Are Boston’s Sports More Important Than Our Arts?

In the City of Champions, culture is sliding into last place. Here’s what we need to do to make a comeback.


Boston’s War on Fun

C’mon, everyone—it’s time to loosen up and embrace the World Cup.


What Would You Pay to Fix Boston Traffic?

Why raising the gas tax could ease the worst part about living in Boston—the traffic.