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The Briefing

City Life

Boston’s War on Fun

C’mon, everyone—it’s time to loosen up and embrace the World Cup.

City Life

What Would You Pay to Fix Boston Traffic?

Why raising the gas tax could ease the worst part about living in Boston—the traffic.

City Life

Why Is Boston Common So… Common?

Virtually unchanged since the days of Paul Revere, America’s oldest park isn’t living up to its potential. Will the city finally bring it back to life?

City Life

Why Is Good Help So Hard to Find in Boston?

Plumbers, carpenters, and electricians are Boston’s hottest commodities. But good luck getting one to fix your home.

City Life

Should Boston Stop Using Cash?

It’s dirty, annoying, and legally required. But in today’s local economy, is cold, hard cash doing more harm than good?

City Life

Boston’s Drinking Problem

Craft breweries keep popping up across the city—but is the beer bubble about to burst?

City Life

Why Boston Can Afford to Play Hard to Get in the Competition for Amazon’s HQ2

In the competition for Amazon’s new HQ2, Boston can afford to play hard to get.


Why Are Boston’s Nurses So Damn Angry?

Boston leads the world when it comes to healthcare. So why are our caregivers so damn angry?

City Life

Sell the State House

It’s high time we auctioned off the golden dome on Beacon Hill.

City Life

Will Bill Belichick Ever Fire Tom Brady?

To prove he’s the best NFL coach who ever lived, Bill Belichick needs to win without Tom Brady—and he just might be willing to try it.

City Life

Gaming the System: Why We Need Millennials to Gamble

In today’s digital age, millennials are shunning scratch tickets like never before. But if the state lottery can’t hook the next generation of gamblers soon, we all lose.

City Life

Amazon and Target’s Retail Rumble

Boston is the new ground zero in the retail war between Amazon and Target. So far, though, the only sure winner is you.

City Life

How Donald Trump Has Inspired the Rise of a New Millennial

Donald Trump has jolted Boston’s Selfie Generation into newfound political activism—but can it possibly last?

City Life

Duck Boats Can Kill—Are New Safety Regulations Enough?

Are new safety regulations enough to keep Boston’s iconic tour buses from killing again?

City Life

How Stan Rosenberg’s War Against Millionaires Screws Us All

Pay up!