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Throwback Thursday

City Life

Forget 2014: The 1914 World Series Went Well for Boston

Perhaps you’re feeling the need for a little baseball escapism this October. We invite you to rewind 100 years to October 1914, a playoff season that […]

City Life

Throwback Thursday: A Troublemaker Arrives to Boston

On September 18, 1634, Anne Hutchinson arrived in Boston. The future icon had already been labeled a troublemaker. By the time Hutchinson left England for Massachusetts Bay Colony, […]

Arts & Entertainment

Tom Brady Shares His Old Resume for Throwback Thursday

Tom Brady shared a Throwback Thursday photo on Facebook today that inspires some giggles and nostalgia. The Pats QB even makes a funny joke: Found my old […]

City Life

Throwback Thursday: When John Travolta Was Not Safe for Boston

We’re in the month of new network TV shows, and while some of them may offend our artistic sensibilities, network affiliates probably won’t have to […]

City Life

Throwback Thursday: The End of a War That Started in Boston

  On September 3, 1783, a war that began in Lexington, Massachusetts, came to an end all the way in Paris, France. On that day, […]

City Life

Throwback Thursday: The Massachusetts Congressman Who Did Not Want Women to Vote

Ninety-seven years ago today, 10 women were arrested for picketing outside the White House. For months, hundreds of suffragettes had stood outside President Wilson’s home, […]

City Life

Throwback Thursday: The Protest that Spurred a Revolution

If July 4, 1776 marks America’s declaration of independence from Britain, then August 14, 1765 should mark a kind of declaration of defiance. It was on […]

City Life

Throwback Thursday: The Time Ted Williams Spit at the Fenway Fans

August 8 marks the anniversary of the day that Ted Williams, whose relationship with fans was never easy, turned to the crowd at Fenway and spit at […]

City Life

Throwback Thursday: The Battles Over Boston Light

On July 31, 1775, Little Brewster Island, the home of Boston Light, became the unlikely site of a Revolutionary War conflict. A lighthouse wouldn’t seem […]

City Life

Throwback Thursday: When the Boston Evening Transcript Was First Published

In the early 19th century, newspapers, often openly opinionated and witty, proliferated in Boston. A total of 15 daily papers were published between 1830 and […]

City Life

Throwback Thursday: When a Pitcher Hit an Inside-the-Park Grand Slam Against the Sox

If you think it’s hard to watch the Red Sox as we come back from the All Star break in last place, here’s a throwback […]

City Life

Throwback Thursday: The First Salem ‘Witch’ Is Executed

Verily do I remind you on this Throwback Thursday that on June 10, 1692, in the place of Salem, Massachusetts, a woman was put to death for the crime […]

City Life

Throwback Thursday: When John Adams Thought Independence Day Was July 2

On July 3rd, 1776 in Philadelphia, John Adams wrote a letter to his wife Abigail in Braintree, Massachusetts predicting that one day, his newly formed nation would […]

City Life

Throwback Thursday: JFK’s Trip to Ireland

In the 1840s, fleeing the famine that ravaged their homeland, many Irish families fled to Boston. There they found work and refuge, but also discrimination. […]

City Life

Throwback Thursday: When Ted Kennedy’s Plane Crashed

On June 19, 1964, the United States Senate passed the Civil Rights Act. After a late vote in favor, a young Senator Ted Kennedy rushed […]