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High School Students Will Honor Donna Summer With Hallway Mural

The late disco-era singer Donna Summer might not be getting a life-sized statue in her honor anytime soon, but her legacy will be preserved in […]


City Councilors Back Plan to Ban Non-Competes

UPDATE: Boston officials unanimously backed a proposal to send a resolution to Beacon Hill legislators, calling for a ban on all non-competes. .@BOSCityCouncil resolution for […]


Middlesex DA; Anti-Establishment Republicans; Marty Challengers

“Jennifer” asks via email: Do you have some updated thoughts to the DA’s race in Middlesex and is it still in your opinion..”…perhaps the single […]


Politicians Predict the Red Sox Season

  With the thrill of baseball back upon us, I asked local pols via Twitter for their predictions of the number of games the team […]


Find or Rent an Open Parking Space With the ‘Spot’ App

For paying pesky Boston parking tickets, there’s the mobile app TicketZen. As for finding parking spots in order to avoid those tickets? The options are […]


An Expanded Liquor License Proposal Is Working Its Way Through Beacon Hill

It’s been six years since Karen Henry-Garrett, owner of Dot2Dot Café, opened her business on Dorchester Avenue. And in those six years, it’s been almost […]


Let’s All Agree to Call the St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast What It Is

The annual South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast has come and gone. Thankfully. If we must continue this awful ritual—presumably as the city’s karmic penance for […]


Passengers Asked to Pitch In and Help Pay For Late-Night T Service

A lot of big-name companies are already going up to bat—the Globe, Dunkin’ Donuts, the Red Sox—to pitch in and help fund late-night MBTA service, […]


Photos: The Lenny Zakim Fund Young Leaders’ 5th Annual Casino Night

On Saturday March 1, 2014, friends of the Lenny Zakim Fund, which provides assistance to “below the radar” Boston-area literacy, hunger, housing, and education organizations, […]


City Councilor Hopes to Bring Life to Dudley Square With More Liquor Licenses

While City Councilor Ayanna Pressley works hard to put the control of Boston’s liquor licenses back into the hands of local authorities, another elected official […]


Chart of the Week: Breaking Down the Lobbyist Money in Boston’s Elections

Lobbyists registered with the state of Massachusetts give a lot of money to politicians, but usually focus their funds on the statehouse lawmakers who they […]


Q&A #6: Oh, All Those 2013 Boston Election Votes

Via email, “Kim” asks: My head is still spinning from all of the elections in 2013.  How many did we have (in Mass., but especially […]


Q&A #3: The New City Council President Is…

“Rob” asks: Who is in contention to become Boston City Council president? And odds on who gets it? Great question. The Dorchester Reporter recently took […]


Q&A #4: Predictions on the City Council Races

“Kevin” asks: Other than D5, are there going to be any competitive City Council races in the general election? It seems like there is such […]


Update: Boston’s City Council Candidates

All eyes are on Boston’s mayoral race, but voters will also elect 13 city councilors—four citywide, and one in each of nine districts. To help […]