Tom Brady

Tom Brady smiles at Alex Guerrero after winning the Super Bowl

Bill Belichick Lessens Alex Guerrero’s Access to the Patriots

Alex Guerrero—Tom Brady’s life coach, business partner, and health whisperer—has been knocked down a few pegs. Guerrero’s rides on team planes: history. His appearances on […]

Tom Brady's profile as he gazes at the field in his Patriots helmet

Tom Brady Had a Very Bad Night Against the Miami Dolphins

Tom Brady, born during the infant days of the Jimmy Carter administration, looked like the middle-aged man he is on Monday night against the Miami […]

Tom Brady passes

Patriots’ Win over Broncos Earns Records for Belichick, Brady

The Patriots’ trouncing of the Broncos on Sunday in Denver not only preserved the team’s lead atop the AFC East, but also further enshrined Tom […]


An Expert Says Tom Brady Is Less Precise This Season

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, that guy whose name is emblazoned on 82 percent of Bostonians’ jersey-covered backs at any given time, has already thrown for […]


Tom Brady Is Standing By the Out-There Health Advice in His Book

Tom Brady is standing by the health advice in his new book, The TB12 Method, despite criticism from doctors, dietitians, and exercise scientists. “It’s really my experience, […]


Tom Brady Notches Record-Setting Win

Tom Brady, he of the UGG sponsorship and greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, tends to do a lot of winning—so much so that he’s […]


Tom Brady’s TB12 Method Is a Best Seller

Greatest Author of All Time Tom Brady’s new book, The TB12 Method, is a New York Times best seller. The Patriots quarterback and advocate for gratuitous water consumption announced […]


Tom Brady Calls Trump’s Comments “Divisive” after Patriots Take a Knee

The morning after his teammates on the Patriots took a knee before their game at Gillette Stadium, Tom Brady has weighed in on the Trump-fueled […]

Alex Guerrero

Tom Brady Just Dropped a New Brain Training Program

The field of “brain training” is controversial. The companies behind these allegedly cognition-boosting games, exercises, and puzzles market their products with lofty claims—Improve your memory! […]


Tom Brady Didn’t Have a Concussion

  No, Tom Brady didn’t have a concussion last year. The NFL and NFL Players’ Association have completed an investigation and determined that the GOAT’s […]


Will Bill Belichick Ever Fire Tom Brady?

To prove he’s the best NFL coach who ever lived, Bill Belichick needs to win without Tom Brady—and he just might be willing to try it.


Tom Brady’s Birthday Goats Help Celebrate the GOAT’s 40 Years

In case something horrible has happened to your internet connection and you haven’t noticed yet, it is 100 percent Tom Brady’s 40th birthday today. And […]


The “Owner of the New York Jets” Is… Tom Brady, According to Google

Update 3:40 p.m.: Looks like Google has fixed whatever was going on behind the scenes, and the search results have once again begun indicating that the […]


Tom Brady Is Finally Good Enough for the Brookline Country Club

When Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen applied to join The Country Club in Brookline in July 2015, they weren’t welcome with open arms. Members of […]


Tom Brady Is Writing “the Only Book an Athlete Will Ever Need”

Tom Brady is writing what’s sure to be a totally normal, completely attainable, thoroughly researched book revealing the secrets to athletic success, general well-being, and […]