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Top Docs 2013

City Life

Marathon Survivor Dances for the First Time Since April Attack

  A Boston Marathon bombing survivor that lost one of her legs in the April attack got the chance to dance again with the assistance […]


Boston’s Best Doctors: Top Docs 2013

Our guide to 650 of the Hub’s finest physicians. Plus, a look at how Boston’s medical community has helped patients recover—both physically and emotionally—in the wake of the marathon bombings.


Six Heroic Saves

For the victims of the marathon bombings, the process of healing isn’t merely physical—it’s emotional, too. And the bonds they forged with the doctors who treated them that fateful day have helped restore both mind and body.


Life & Limb

Boston has a long history of pioneering research in prosthetics. And thanks to cutting-edge new research, local patients are ready to take the next step.


The Boston Arm

In 1968, when Boston-based Liberty Mutual Insurance Company debuted its state-of-the-art prosthetic arm at Massachusetts General Hospital, newspapers across the country hailed the dawn of […]


A Brand-New Kick

For those of us with two functioning legs, it’s easy to overlook the crucial role ankles play in walking. Every time we take a step, […]


All Prosthetics Are Local

Of the 16 victims who lost limbs in the Boston Marathon bombings, half have been fit for artificial limbs by family-owned United Prosthetics, an enterprise […]


Hugh Herr: Bionic Pioneer

How much of your research is informed by your own personal experience? All of it. On a very basic level, I am acutely aware as […]