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New England Getaways

Living in New England means options for local getaways are bountiful. Plan a getaway near Boston that includes food, wine, and delicious dining, a weekend hitting the golf courses, or a getaway filled with outdoor activities and adventures. New England has it all. If it’s sun and sand you are seeking, hit one of the many beaches in the area. So no matter the weather or season, living in Boston means living near some of the top travel destinations in the country, so plan a getaway now and start exploring New England.


10 Must-Visit Restaurants in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Everyone knows that the dining scene in Portland, Maine, is well worth the drive from Boston. If you want to save some time and gas […]

The sun sets over an Atlantic beach with two little shacks sitting on the shore.

How to Spend an Excellent Weekend in Portland, Maine

Portland packs a boatload of personality into one small city. And the perfect part? A go-with-the-flow vibe that’s ideal for weekends that mash up outdoorsy […]


14 Must-Visit Restaurants in Portland, Maine

If you love food and live in New England, you’ve got to make your way to Portland, Maine, which has been a nationally noted culinary […]


A Weekend Traveler’s Guide to Watch Hill, Rhode Island

While other Gilded Age summer colonies have ossified into museum pieces, Watch Hill, Rhode Island, retains all the magnificence of its original heyday, along with […]

A shiny red whole lobster and crab legs sit on a plate on a wooden restaurant table.

How to Spend a Beautiful Summer Weekend in Charlestown, Rhode Island

The wonderful thing about Charlestown, Rhode Island, is that it doesn’t need to decide between coastline and country. Sure, Newport and Narragansett have gorgeous beaches, […]

Overhead view of four people standing on snow wearing modern, lightweight snowshoes

Where To Try Snowshoeing in New England

Around 4000 B.C., cold-climate dwellers in Central Asia hatched the ingenious idea of strapping broad cuts of wood to their boots, allowing them to walk […]


A Bostonian’s Guide to the White Mountains

You know the name like the back of your hand—it looms to the north of us, a giant sierra with winding trails, mirror-like lakes, and […]

hillstead farms brewing

The Most Gorgeous Places to Grab a Drink in New England

Whether you’ve been biking, sailing, or plowing through a new stack of genre fiction, a well-timed outdoor libation can be the chef’s kiss for a […]

isle of shoals new hampshire

Four Hidden-Gem New England Island Getaways to Try This Summer

In theory, summer is when we get to slow down, breathe deeply, and savor that precious hour between golden sundown and mosquito armageddon. But some […]


Kick Back with the Artsy Surf Shack Vibe at the Luxe Wanderer Cottages in Kennebunk

While not all who wander are lost, those who want to get lost in Kennebunk, Maine can discover a new launch pad in the Wanderer […]

airbnb roundup 1

Enjoy a Weekend Getaway with a Hot Tub at These Cozy Airbnbs across New England

New England weather comes with two guarantees: A) It will be volatile and B) It will sometimes be cold. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, you’re […]

telephone museum

A Guide to New England’s Most Unusual Museums

Most of us have whiled away a pleasant afternoon browsing the impressionists at the Museum of Fine Arts, or pausing between portraits to appreciate the […]


Your New Fall Getaway? Minimalist Cabins at a Luxe Kennebunkport Manor

In official military-speak, AWOL stands for “absent without official leave.” Perhaps after a couple of nights in the AWOL Kennebunkport, the new seventeen-room hotel in […]


22 Long Weekend Getaways From Boston

Edited by Brittany Jasnoff There are 22 weekends left until 2021 is behind us—which means 22 opportunities to hightail it out of town. From New […]


Five North Shore Cottages to Fulfill Your Coastal Getaway Fantasy

Whether you’re interested in the rocky coastlines, picturesque lighthouses, artists’ studios, or simply a tasty plate of fried clams, it’s always a good time to […]