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Taxi Medallion Prices Are Falling in Boston

Two news stories in the past week outlined an interesting trend in Boston and other major cities: the price of a taxi medallion is plummeting. […]

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Cab Drivers, Uber Supporters Plan Rally at City Hall

Boston cab drivers are holding a rally on City Hall plaza Monday afternoon to call for stricter regulations for on-demand livery services like Uber and […]

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Transit Talks

Like traffic in Boston, the discussions about transportation options never seem to come to an end. On November 24, those talks will continue when the […]

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Uber’s Surge Pricing Once Again Makes People Mad

The internet, already less than enamored with Uber’s surge pricing system, found new reason to express anger at the private car app’s pricing scheme after a tragedy […]

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Uber Is Arming Itself for a Political Fight

The car service app Uber has made a lot of friends in Boston (bringing people ice cream will do that for you), but it also […]

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Why Having Both Lyft and Uber Around Is Good for Riders

The Uber versus Lyft rivalry came into full view this week when a Lyft spokesperson accused Uber of tampering with their business operations by calling Lyft […]

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Hail, Boston: The Uber vs Taxi Livery War Is Changing the Industry

As Uber digs ever deeper into taxi territory, Boston’s simmering livery war comes to a boil.

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City Official: ‘Let’s Talk About Uber Regulations’

Cambridge has been spending a lot of time talking about regulating on-demand taxi services like Uber and Lyft. Now, it looks like it’s Boston’s turn. […]


Uber Delivering Ice Cream Today

Today, between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., Uber customers can have an ice cream truck pull up right to their home or office. For one […]

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Why Boston Allows Uber But Opposes Haystack

The City of Boston has come out strongly against Haystack, a newly launching phone app that lets users pay to reserve another user’s public parking […]

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More Meetings About Uber’s Operations to Be Held in Cambridge

The battle over Uber’s business operations is taking a back seat as Cambridge officials craft a new set of proposed regulations, and prepare for additional […]

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Labor Lawyer Files Lawsuit Against Uber for Unfair Practices

A labor lawyer from Boston filed a class-action lawsuit in Suffolk County Superior Court this week, claiming the on-demand car service Uber treats its workers […]

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Cambridge Goes After Uber…Again

For the second time ­in as many years, officials from Cambridge are taking aim at Uber’s on-demand car services, and proposing the company adhere to […]

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Uber Offers Boat Service for a Limited Time

For a few weeks this month, Uber users can say “Ahoy!” to a new service being offered by the on-demand transportation company: UberBOAT. In a […]

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When It Comes to Uber, Cab Drivers Have a Public Relations Problem

In light of the protest that Boston cab drivers put on Thursday outside the Uber’s offices, let us take a moment to gently remind the city’s cabbies of […]