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Game Changer: Kevin Levine

Ken Levine wanted to be a screenwriter in Hollywood. Instead he wound up in Quincy doing something much more lucrative—breaking violent new ground in the world’s youngest art form: video games.

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MBTA Map Designer Says A Playstation Video Game Used His Image Without Asking

A transit enthusiast and designer wasn’t pleased when he found out the makers of a new Playstation video game used an image he created of […]

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What Boston Would Look Like as an 8-Bit Video Game Scene

Somerville resident Miles Donovan has a thing for video games—specifically, Nintendo ones. So it’s no surprise that when he decided to transform various city skylines into 8-bit […]

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Schilling’s Video Game Is Readied for the Chop Shop

It’s been about a year since Curt Schilling’s dream venture, 38 Studios, crashed into bankruptcy, and yet the process of unwinding the video game company […]

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The Marathon Attack Inspired the Worst Video Game of All Time

While America has long debated whether video game violence inspires real mass killings, rarely do we as a society debate the issue of whether real […]

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Violent Video Games Pulled from Public Rest Stops

Violent Video Games Removed from State-Operated Rest Stops. In the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting, Andrew and Tracey Hyams, of Newton, noticed that […]

End Game
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End Game: Curt Schilling and the Destruction of 38 Studios

Inside the destruction of Curt Schilling’s 38 Studios.


Play This Video Game and Call Me In the Morning

Play This Video Game and Call Me In the Morning. Local startup Akili Interactive Labs is on the hunt to create the first FDA-approved, doctor-prescribed […]

Game Over?

For a brief moment, Guitar Hero and Rock Band were just about the biggest video games ever. But now that the fad has crashed and burned, can the Cambridge company behind these hits prove it’s more than just a flash in the pan?

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Do Violent Video Games Make Kids More Aggressive?

Last week, the Supreme Court voted 7-2 to overturn California’s law banning the sale of violent video games to minors, citing the First Amendment protection […]