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City Life

Winter, the Weatherman, and Me

It’s an odd thing, someone you’ve never met becoming a significant person in your life. But it can happen. That’s what I was thinking about […]

City Life

The Latest on the Nor’Easter Headed Toward Boston This Weekend

All was calm and quiet, and relatively warm, on Friday afternoon in Boston. But it won’t stay that way for long. Forecasters say a nor’easter […]

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City Life

Five New Hobbies to Distract Yourself from the Horrifying Prospect of a Quarantined Boston Winter

It’s been fun socializing in parks, hasn’t it? Such a sense of whimsy, like it’s the 1850s and this is the trendiest social event of […]

City Life

How Boston Could Save Winter by Finally Doing Something Fun with Its Streets

A pop-up movie theater on a side street in Harlem. A touch-less obstacle course for kids in the Bronx. A five-week-long stationary parade in Chicago. […]

City Life

The Latest October Surprise: Snow Is on the Way in Boston

It’s beginning to look a lot like…Halloween. Boston’s snowy season is getting off to a bit of an early start this year, as forecasters say […]

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City Life

Admit It, Boston: You Love Your Miserable Weather

The other day, for the first time in what seems like eons, I smiled. Let’s be clear: It wasn’t a huge smile, like the kind […]

City Life

Bad News: Drought, Storms Could Wipe Out This Year’s New England Foliage

Don’t look now, but all those brightly colored leaves that popped up early this year, giving much of New England a premature dose of peak […]

City Life

The West Coast Wildfire Smoke Has Reached Massachusetts

For weeks now, our neighbors on the West Coast have been appealing to East Coasters to grapple with the severity of the wildfires currently tearing […]


Use This Interactive Fall Foliage 2020 Map to Plan Your Next Getaway

One of the few predictable outcomes of 2020 will soon come to pass: In a matter of weeks, leaf-peeping season will arrive more or less […]

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City Life

When the Temperature Drops, Boston Needs to Stay Outside

After all the chaos and tragedy the city saw in the first weeks of the pandemic, by summer Boston had an improbable amount of breathing […]

City Life

UPDATED: How Isaias Will Impact Boston as the Storm Heads to Massachusetts

Update 5 p.m. Tuesday: As Isaias heads to the region, Massachusetts is on high alert for tornados. A tornado watch is in effect for the […]

City Life

Boston Could See Record Cold Weather This Weekend, Because Why Not?

Guess it’s easy to keep your distance when it’s too chilly to go outside. Mother Nature is threatening to bring some unusual and potentially record-setting […]

City Life

A New Model Is Predicting “One of the Most Active Atlantic Hurricane Seasons on Record”

While you probably stopped checking the daily forecast around the time you gave up on putting real pants on (so, weeks ago), here’s a reminder […]

City Life

Here’s How Much Snow Is Coming to Boston This Weekend

At least this gives us more motivation to stay inside? Yes, on top of everything else going on, a coating of snow is expected across […]

City Life

What Boston Loses When Winter Warms Up

It’s not your imagination—it’s February, historically the most miserable month, weather-wise, to live in Boston, and things simply…aren’t that bad. A storm on Thursday dropped […]