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Dust off Your Parka: Boston May See Snow This Week

Update, 11/05 10 a.m.: The National Weather Service has updated its forecast, and it appears that chances we’ll see snow on Friday are waning. The […]

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With 60 MPH Winds Approaching, Here Are the Towns Postponing Trick or Treating

This isn’t a trick, but it is a treat for any parents who weren’t too keen on the idea of holding umbrellas over their little […]

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Here’s NOAA’s First Guess at What Winter Has in Store for Boston

As we switch on our heat, unpack our sweaters, and warily eye the holiday decorations in our basements, it’s hard not to start thinking about what winter […]

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The Wildest Scenes from New England’s Bomb Cyclone

This morning, over 224,000 people in Massachusetts and over half a million across New England are in the dark after a powerful storm walloped the […]

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Expect Some Potential Flooding, Transit Interruptions, and Strong Winds for the Rest of the Week

Update, 10/10/19 9:50 a.m.: The National Weather Service now predicts that the heaviest bands of rain will pass south of Boston, and a flood watch for the city […]

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Hurricane Dorian Arrives Friday Night: Here’s What to Expect

Just days after Hurricane Dorian brought heavy rain, wind, and tornados to the Bahamas, Florida, and the Carolina coast, the storm is now making its […]

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Boston May Not Need to Worry About Tropical Storm Dorian

Update: Get the latest forecast here. As Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands face the heavy wind and rain of  Tropical Storm Dorian, and more and more models […]

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Look at This Tornado Seen Spinning in Maine

It’s a Maine-nado! A rare tornado was spotted twirling through Maine on Monday, and thanks to one fearless photographer’s keen eye, we have an image to […]

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Here Are the Craziest Photos and Videos of Today’s Storms We’ve Seen So Far

Wild weather we’re having, huh? In addition to facing record-breaking heat, Boston, along with several counties across the state, is now under a severe thunderstorm watch until 9 p.m. […]

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How Hot Is It in Boston? The Hottest July Ever Recorded

If you feel like it’s an especially hot as hell July in Boston this year, you’re right. As the temperature in the city on this last day […]

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It’s Not Just Hot in Boston Right Now: Air Quality Has Been Deemed “Unhealthy”

Looks like it’s not just an extremely sweaty subway ride you’ve got to worry about right now in Boston. According to a warning from the […]

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This Weekend Will Likely Be the Hottest of the Summer

Hope you enjoyed this morning’s temperate weather! As you’re clinging desperately to your window AC, cleaning melted ice cream off yourself, and sweating out liquid […]

Lightning storm over Boston, Massachusetts
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Severe Storms, Floods, and Potentially Record-Breaking Heat Are on Their Way

Ready your raincoats, rafts, fans, and air conditioners—the remnants of Hurricane Barry are making their way toward Boston, and basically, you should be prepared for […]

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Western Massachusetts Got Snow for Mother’s Day

It’s that time of year again, folks. School’s almost out, flowers are starting to bloom, and…it’s still snowing in Western Massachusetts? Mother’s Day brought some […]

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Boston Marathon Weather Update: It’s Wet, but the Worst May Be Over

Hope you packed your ponchos and plastic bags—which runners have been using to shield their sneakers from moisture before the big race—because the 2019 Boston Marathon got […]