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When Summer Forgot Boston

Snow in June? It happened 200 years ago.

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Boston Has the Eighth Most Unpredictable Weather in America

An oft quoted aphorism on any of the countless college tours bopping around town is that if you don’t like the weather in Boston, “wait […]

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Boston May Be Getting Snow on Sunday

UPDATE: 3/18/2016 8:45 a.m. The National Weather Service is projecting a storm will hit New England on Sunday night, but exactly how intense it will be […]

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Just How Crazy Is the Blizzard Out on Nantucket Today?

As Boston was blanketed with powder Monday, closing the city’s schools and complicating everybody’s morning commute, Nantucket got walloped with extreme winds and nearly a […]

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Nine Photos That Prove Beacon Hill Is a Real-Life Snow Globe

Life in a snow globe is probably pretty pleasant. All of the buildings in town somehow look cohesive, the streets are softly lit by gas […]


These Boston Restaurants and Bars Are Open During Today’s Snow Storm

Despite the atypical weather Boston has experienced so far this winter, you didn’t really think we’d go unscathed, did you? Winter Storm Mars, it’s apparently called, […]

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Storm Projected to Dump Up to Eight Inches of Snow on Boston

Update, Thursday, February 4, 7 p.m.: In anticipation of the looming storm, Mayor Marty Walsh has announced that Boston Public Schools will be closed Friday. […]

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Dear D.C./New York, Here’s How to Survive a Snowpocalypse the Boston Way

In case you haven’t heard, a huge snowstorm is about to hit Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York City, and other major metropolitan areas that—shocking!—does not include Boston. While […]

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Snow Report: Will the Weekend Snowstorm Help Skiers?

The majority of people in Boston are probably not excited about the prospect of a snowstorm hitting New England this weekend. They’re busy grimacing at the thought […]

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Snow Report: The El Niño Pass Is Here

Did that brief warm spell combined with rain get you down on Sunday? Don’t worry too much, because there’s some snow in the short and […]

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The Guide: Wintertime Parking in Boston

How to survive the snow onslaught without losing your cool.

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Snow Emojis We’d Like to See

The official Emoji lexicon lacks a few symbols we’ll definitely need this month. So we made up our own.

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Space Savers by Boston Neighborhood

Our suggested parking-spot furnishings this winter.

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Snow Report: Winter Finally Arrives in New England

Winter temperatures have finally arrived in New England, and that means snowmakers are out in full force across the region blasting that white stuff onto […]

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Snow Report: Saddleback’s Future Remains in the Air, Unlike Snow

Winter has officially started (yay!), but the weather most certainly does not reflect the official change in seasons. Boston is looking at possible record highs […]