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Whitehead Institute


MIT Researchers Develop Mouse Models Of Rare Prion Diseases

MIT’s Whitehead Institute researchers have created mouse models for two neurodegenerative prion diseases that cause destruction in the brain. The study, which appeared in The Proceedings […]


Scientists Work to Disarm Cancer Cells’ Stress Responses

Like almost everything in life, cancer cells, too, appear to have a stress response that they use as a survival mechanism. The good news is […]


X Chromosomes Linked to Sperm Production

Like most people, you probably learned in school that the X chromosome is the female counterpart to the male-associated Y chromosome. But researchers at MIT’s […]


New Discovery Could Lead to Treatments for Resistant Anemia

Researchers from the Cambridge-based Whitehead Institute may have found a way to make drug resistant anemia less resistant and less miserable. Most types of anemia […]