Whitey Bulger


Whitey Bulger Still Irked at Everyone in Jailhouse Letters

Whitey Bulger will have to stare down some of the family members of his alleged victims at his sentencing hearing in November, and new letters […]


Whitey Bulger Not Connected to the Murder of a Witness

It’s a day of endings in the trial of Whitey Bulger, and today we got a conclusion in one of the larger outstanding mysteries: the […]


Everyone’s Still Wondering Whether Whitey Will Testify

One day into Whitey Bulger’s defense and we still have no answer to the most pressing question on reporters’ minds: Will Bulger testify? The origins […]


Should Howie Carr Have Helped a Killer Profit Off His Crimes?

Among the most incredible aspects of Johnny Martarano’s testimony in the trial of Whitey Bulger is that an admitted murderer of 20 people managed not […]


So Much for Geezer Gangsters

(Photo by Citizensheep on Flickr.) Remember when organized crime was cool or at least exciting? No? Well, you’re not the only one. If we examine […]


Whitey Bulger's Casting Call

The Boston Globe‘s gripping play-by-play of the arrest of Whitey Bulger in this Sunday’s paper had all the elements of a Hollywood crime thriller: an […]

The Martyrdom of John Connolly

Corrupt FBI agent John Connolly earned infamy—and a 10-year jail sentence—for aiding über-gangster Whitey Bulger. But in his upcoming murder trial, the real bad guys will be the ones given sweetheart deals to present their shaky testimony against him. (The prosecutors are no angels, either.) The case against the case against a man the Justice Department seems set on punishing for others’ sins.